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Underwater Fish Light Affiliate Program - Earn Cash for Referrals!

Affiliate Program Questions?


Earn money with our easy affiliate program. 

You make the referral, we handle the order, and you get paid!”

Website & Business Owners

Earn revenue from your website, or get paid for referring your customers to Underwater Fish Light.   After completing our easy sign-up process, we provide you with easy links and customized banners for your website.  

See the FAQ Below or Click the Link to sign up.

Our automated affiliate tracking program keeps track of the sales that come through your link and calculates your commission totals.  You can login to your account any time to track your clicks and commissions.

All this might sound a little complex, but it's actually very simple.

Refer Friends & Neighbors - Get Paid!

If you are an existing customer of ours, we know that you are already bragging about your incredible underwater lights, so you might as well get paid for it!

Sign up for our affiliate program and we will provide you with a special link that will give you credit for any sales that come through it.  You can email this link to your friends & neighbors, or we can even show you how to get an exclusive domain name that works as your affiliate tracking code.

All this might sound a little complex, but it's actually very simple.

See the FAQ Below or Click the Link to sign up.

Underwater Fish Light Affiliate Program FAQ

1.  How Does the Program Work?

What this means is that all you have to do is login to your affiliate account, and copy and paste the link to your website or email.  We can even show you how to redirect an easy to remember domain name to your affiliate page, to make it even easier to get your credits.

For those of you not yet familiar with affiliate programs, it is essentially a paid referral program.  After your application is approved, our software will automatically create a special affiliate code that will give you credit and commission for any sales generated through that code.

2. What If I Don't Have a Website?

No problem!  Your tracking code can be placed in an email, a social networking site like Facebook, or Myspace, or we can show you how to redirect a domain name to your affiliate page for less than $10 per year.  Or, we would be happy to set up a subdomain for you on our server.

If you don't have a website or domain at the time of signup, simply enter in the website field of the signup form.

3. How Much Can I Make?

That is totally up to you.  We have no cap on potential comissions, so if you have a high traffic website, great networking skills, a large valid email address list (no spam), or an imaginitive marketing mind, the sky is the limit.   We pay a generous 7% commission on all qualifying sales to our affiliates.  With order totals averaging over $300, it is easy to see how it can add up quickly.

4. How Do I Get Paid?

You will be paid via business check, sent US mail to the billing address associated with your account, or use your credits at any time towards the purchase of an Underwater Fish Light product.

5. When Do I Get Paid?

Payments are made the 1st of each month, after an individual's account reaches $100. For example...

If a customer clicks your link and makes a purchase, your commission will be added to your account.  Once your account reaches $100 or more, it is cleared for payment and will be paid the first day of the following month, if 14 days have passed since the $100 mark is reached.  

In short commissions are paid when...

A.  Your balance reaches $100 or more

B.  The transaction is older than 14 days

C.  Once the first two conditions are met, the check will be sent the first day of the month

D.  If you prefer, use your commissions at any time towards anything we sell - No minimum balance needed to use store credit.

6. Why Do You Need My Tax ID?

Because we are a business, paying commission checks, the current tax code requires us to collect a valid business tax ID # or social security #.   This information is transferred and stored through our secure online server and we promise never to share your information except as required by law.

7. How Do I Sign Up?

It's quick and easy.

You will be guided through our quick and easy set-up process and once your application is approved, you will be able to log in and access your links.

If you are having any trouble, or have any questions about the program, feel free to email for more information

8. What Kind of Marketing Can I Do?

This is really up to you, as long as you stay within a few guidlines.

a. No Spam -  It is fine if you have an existing list that you regularly market to, or would like to send your link to your personal email list, but please refrain from purchasing bulk lists and spamming with our links.

b. Appropriate Web Content -  We are big fans of free speech and have no business telling you what you can and can't have on your website.  That said, we do reserve the right to discontinue affiliates if we feel that they are placing our ads on sites that we do not feel properly represent our company.   We don't anticipate this coming up, but it's just a disclaimer in case our ads start popping up in innapropriate places.

Beyond that, it's up to you.  Some ideas to get you started...

Put the links on your social networking site

Email the links to friends

Print Flyers with a Domain Name redirected to your affiliate page

Post Online Ads with Your Link

Place Links on your website

Place links on forums you frequent

Hold a Fish Light Party & encourage guests to get one of thier own

Write a blog post about the lights with your link

Post YouTube videos of your light with your affiliate link or redirected domain name

9. Can I Get a Custom Banner Built?

Of course!  We want to do everything we can to help you be successful.  We are designing new banners all of the time.

You can see the latest banners at If you don't see one that is perfect for you, or have an idea for a banner ad that you think would be effective, please don't hesitate to ask.

Please send custom banner requests with size, message, and graphics ideas to and we will do our best to create something that suits your needs.

10. How Are Sales Tracked?

Our state of the art affiliate software handles everything.  As long a customer clicks or types in your link, your commission will be automatically tabulated and added to your account.

The built-in tracking system will even give you credit if the customer doesn't buy that particular day.  As long as they are using the same browser and have not cleared their cookies.   You will recieve the credit, even if they find our site through a bookmark or search engine the next time.

This means more commissions for you!

11. Where Can I Find the Starndard Banners?

The standard banners and links already encoded with your affilate can be accessed through your account.  Once your affiliate application is approved, visit and click My Account at the top.

Once logged in, click  Affiliate Statistics at the bottom and your standard links and banners will appear.

We are also adding new banners all the time.  Browse the selection at

Please note, with the non-standard banners on the page above, you must enter your affiliate number into the code provided to be sure your commissions are counted.

12. What/Where is My Affiliate Code?

There you will see the standard links and html code.

When you login to your account, click Affiliate Statistics at the bottom.

Your affiliate code is contained within those links.

It begins with http://   and ends with your numeric affiliate #

An example of an affiliate code is

You must copy everything from the http:// all the way through to the affiliate number for the code to work.

13. How Can I Set Up a Domain Name to Use for This?

This can be a very effective technique for affiliate marketing. 

Domain names can be registered for under $10 per year and easily redirected to point to your affilaite code.

For example, with a domain name, instead of putting into your email or print flyer, you could put something like

All you would have to do is register the domain name for $9, and ask your registrar to help you forward the domain. 

Then, when people click or visit, they are taken to and you are given credit for any sales.

Another option we have available is setting up a subdomain for you on our sever.  For example . . . , or

All this may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple and we are here and happy to help.

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