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Video - Snook Light Comparison Video

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This is a beautiful video taken at a marina in Fort Lauderdale.  Tarpon and jacks chasing bait in clear water set to music.

Catfish swarm this light in Cape Coral Florida...literally hundreds of them.  Watch for when the homeowner stomps the dock to spook them...they come right back!

This is definitely one of the most impressive scenes in underwater lighting.  These huge tarpon are going nuts while a crowd watches in disbelief.  Must be seen to be believed!

This video shows a side by side comparison between our beautiful HID underwater dock lights and the old style, shine-down snook lights.  The difference is striking.

A great video sent in from a customer in Clear Lake Texas, showing a giant school of monster redfish crushing bait.  Set to a spooky soundtrack.

Virginia Rockfish Going Nuts

This is a great video showing hundreds of Rockfish or Striped Bass swarming a light in Deltaville, VA.  The customer says...I have too many fish in the freezer already!

This is an incredible video from The Mad Snooker, Capt. Dave Pomerleau.  He holds the unofficial state record for snook and guides this angler to a great light with tons of fish.

This is a clip from the full video seen above...Fly Fishing Underwater Lights with the Mad Snooker .  This shows tons of snook after a cold spell supposedly wiped them out. 

Another video from a very pleased customer.  Check out the massive school of fish on this underwater light.  Look for snook, mullet, catfish and gar.

This is a compilation video with some of the best shots of snook that we have collected over the years.  A tribute to the King of the Dock Lights.

That’s a lot of bait!  Sit back and let yourself be hypnotized by this amazing footage of a bait school fleeing predators. 

This quick video is taken from our How it Works page and shows how the light attracts zooplankton, then baitfish, then big fish. 

Foul Mouth Tarpon - Warning...Adult Language

This is a video of a customer showing a friend his underwater lighting setup.  You can’t blame these guys for swearing when you see these giant tarpon!

This is the video that started it all.  This was our original promo video featuring soothing underwater scenes and relaxing music.

A great video from Cape Coral Florida showing lots of BIG tarpon and an alligator gar over the light.

This video has actually led to scientific inquiries from amazed marine biologists. Marine worms spawning over a light in SW Florida at a frantic pace.  This footage is not sped up.

Normally, dozens of snook happily share a light, but not this guy.  Check out this shor video of a territorial snook attacking a competitor.

This strange creature was spotted by a customer in St. James City Florida. While it might look like some alien creature, it’s been identified as a Sea Hare.

This is a video compilation of some of the great feedback we have gotten over the years.  This video can also be watched in High Quality SWF Format on our Testimonials Page.

Send Your Images & Videos to

Here’s a short but very cool piece featuring a Sea Turtle swimming over the light while feeding on baitfish in the Florida Keys.

This video was shot by a homeowner in Lake Fork, Texas, just outside of Dallas.  Featuring several 4-5lb Largemouth Bass circling his light.  Another example of great freshwater action.

This short video shows what happens when the water temp drops in SW Florida.  The ladyfish swarm the canals.  This was shot in Charlotte Harbor Florida in the winter of 2010.

Cool footage shot in Jamaica Beach, TX of Redfish and Trout actively feeding over a light.  You can hear the “pops” over the music.  The light looks white due to the camera.

Here is more proof of just how effective our lights are in freshwater.  This video was sent in by a customer who was thrilled with his light after placing in the Boonton Reservoir.

Crazy video showing two large snook attacking a massive school of sardines on a canal in Sarasota Florida.  This really showcases how schools of fish can move in unison.

Thanks to Texas A&M University’s Marine Biology Department and Dr. Greg Stunz for the cool footage and the opportunity to put our lights to work for science!

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