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Summer Sale Ends Soon!

We are back up and running after Hurricane Irma and currently shipping lights the same day when ordered before 2pm EST. (M-F)
Order now to take advantage of great discounts on dock lights and portable fishing lights. 

The Brightest Most Effective LED Fishing Lights Available Anyhere!

While our HID Fishing Lights are still the brightest and most effective fish attracting lights on the market, we know that not everyone has access to AC power on their boat, secret spot, or fishing pier. We needed a 12v system worthy of being called an Underwater Fish Light.

Fish Attracting Power in a Convenient 12v Package!

With our reputation on the line, we knew that we couldn’t just put out the same old 12v lights offered elsewhere, so our engineers went above and beyond to build the Ultimate 12v LED Fishing Light Systems Available with a wide assortment of accessories, these super powerful LED Fishing lights are available with options to fit almost every need and application.

Our LED Fishing Lights Offer Huge Power in a Compact Package with True 360° Coverage!

For our innovative design we use the brightest LEDs in the world as the foundation and assemble them to the same high standards as all of our professional grade lighting products. These lights are significantly brighter and more compact than the competition. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the length of a light determines the brightness.

Our Designs Are Brighter Than Other Lights with Over 3x The Length!

Why settle for vastly inferior alternatives when our game changing designs clearly outshine the competition and are built tough for years of trouble free enjoyment.

Compact Powerful LED Fishing Light Package

Compact Yet Powerful

The compact design outshines larger lights.

At only 23 inches, these lights are easy to transport, handle, and deploy, but don't let the small size fool you.  They are much brighter than many other lights that are twice as long!

Equipped with Standard Weights and 12v Alligator Clips

Accessories Included

Weights and Battery Clips Included 

We include two different weights with each light to allow you to either sink it to your preferred depth, or keep it up near the surface to give you maximum flexibilty.

LED Fishing Lights Rated to Run for 4 Years Continuously

Rated for 30,000 Hours!

Energy Efficent and Long Lasting!

We warranty all of our lights for a full three years, but it is unlikely thaty you'll ever wear this one out.   The LEDs are rated for over four years of continuous use.

The Brightest Most Efficient & Effective LED Underwater Fishing Lights

Modern LED Technology

The brightest LEDs available anywhere!

Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs!  Our lights feature the brightest LEDs available on the market and outperform larger and more expensive systems.

Shop for LED Fishing Lights & Accessories

Great Discounts & Free Same Day Shipping on All Underwater Lights!

Will These LED Lights Work as Dock Lights?

These lights will come equipped with your choice of battery clips, for easy connection to your 12v power source and are intended to be used as a 12v portable solution to attract fish in just about any waterway.

While no 12v light can compare with the awesome power of our HID systems, these lights finally enable those without access to AC power to attract fish with great effect.

These  lights are not intended as a replacement for our Dock Light systems.  We do offer an optional 110v AC adapter for customers that want the option to power these lights from an outlet, but they are not designed to be left in the water long term.    

Our dedicated dock light systems are self cleaning and specifically engineered to be left in the water for years.   They automatically turn on at dusk and off again at dawn.   

These LED Fishing Lights are designed to be used while actively watching or catching fish, and stored when not in use.  If you're curious as to why we do not offer LED dock lights,  click the link below to learn more.

LED or HID Fishing Lights for Leaving in the Water Long Term?

Don't Make The Mistake of Ordering an LED Dock Light from Another Company

Why Aren't LEDs Suitable for Dock Lights?

Works Great for Spotting Lobsters Too!

Customers in the Florida Keys can't stop raving about how well these LED Fishing Lights work for spotting lobsters.  Whether you're bully netting, or diving, these lights will illuminate the bottom and give you an unfair advantage.

Catching Shrimp By Hand !

Check out this customer using our LED Fishing Lights to catch shrimp by hand in Boca Grande!