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Best Underwater Fish Lights On the Market

Featured Underwater Fishing Light Products

Classic Series Single System



Classic Series Double System



 Extra Bright Series

Single System



Extra Bright Series Double System



How Do They Work?

Our lights reflect off particles in the water that attract baitfish. As a result, these baitfish attract larger fish! Therefore, these lights truly bring your backyard to life! The species of fish you will see depends on your area. You will see fish like, snook, tarpon, redfish, pike, bass, and many more! 

Our Underwater Fish Lights create what we like to call a “Backyard Aquarium”. Our systems simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway, we can guarantee you’ll see fish! All of our dock light systems have photocells that automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and off every morning at dawn. The nightly use will create a feeding cycle for the fish, to keep the fish coming back every night! Also, for more great posts about our light, visit and like us on Facebook! Have more questions? No problem! Visit our FAQ page  or contact us!


The Fish & Your Satisfaction are Guaranteed!

Committed to Quality & Customer Service

We build our light systems with pride, right here in the USA. Our lights are used, and enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and around the world. Whether the lights are used for charters, weekend fishing, or marine science, the fish are always guaranteed! 

We guarantee that you will see fish or your money back! Also, as family owned business in the USA, we stand by our product. Therefore, each person who buys a light gets a 60 night money back guarantee! This gives each person a chance to try our lights! Also, every system gets a three year warranty with their system purchase! Above all, we strive for great customer service. So, have more questions? No problem! Visit our FAQ page  or contact us! Also, feel free to give us a call at 855-347-4544


“Out of the four other lights I’ve used over the past few years these lights by Underwater Fish Light are by far the best. None of my old lights lasted for more than maybe 6 months. We love watching the fish! In contrast, these lights by Underwater Fish Light are the best out there. Above all, they stand by their word!”

Jeremy H.

Fairhope, AL

“We have 8 of these awesome lights and love them. While we have had some other brands, there is nothing that compares to my new lights. As a result, there are tons of snook, redfish, and tarpon all over our lights each night. Seems like the fish are our pets! This is one top notch company! Thank You!”

Carl C.

Palm Harbor, FL

“First off, I looked at the cheaper options and kept coming back to this one. Even more, I was willing to pay the extra money for a quality product that will last. All in all I am more than pleased with the product. It was easy to install and use. It brings life to our dock and canal. We’ve seen things we didn’t know were there! So, I give these lights five stars all around.”

John C.

Tampa, FL

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