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Underwater Dock Lights

Light Up The Water & Attract Fish at Your Waterfront Home

The highest quality, longest lasting underwater dock lights on the market. Choose from multiple configurations and colors to turn your dock into a backyard aquarium.

Hybrid Dual Purpose Fishing Lights

Great For Using on Both The Dock & The Boat

These lights feature the same amazing HID technology as our famous dock lights, but in a portable package. Requires 110v from either a generator or inverter.

LED Fishing Lights

12v so you can power it directly from your boat’s battery.

These are the brightest LED fishing lights available anywhere and are the obvious choice where 12v convenience is a priority. Power it directly from your boat’s battery.

Caribbean Blue Lights for Clear Waters

Beautiful Blue Dock Lights for Use In Clear Waterways

This is a great new option for customers living in the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, or extremely clear freshwater lakes.


Best Underwater Fishing Lights In the Market

Over the years, Underwater Fish Light has continually grown. We have moved from a small warehouse, to a storefront, and now to our 5,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Port Charlotte, Florida. As a family-run business we have always prided ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. Providing superior customer service, as well as the highest quality lights on the market, has always been our top priority. Our policy has always been that every customer that purchases a light system from Underwater Fish Light will receive a sixty-night money back guarantee as well as a three-year manufacturer warranty.

As our business has grown, so has the product line. We now offer a variety of 3 colors in our dock lights as well as portable dock models, LED systems for fishing piers, and accessories to protect and customize each system. Everyone at Underwater Fish Light takes pride in the fact that everything manufactured and sold is made in the United States of America. Over the years, we have proved ourselves time and time again as the producers of some of the best dock lights anyone can find. Not only do we have customers nationwide, but we also have customers and lights all around the world, from the Bahamas and Bermuda, to Israel and Dubai. After almost 12 years and through much growth, two things remain the same. Underwater Fish Light is dedicated to our customers, and we stand by every product that leaves our facility. Try one of our lights today…FISH GUARANTEED!

How Do They Work?

The Fish & Your Satisfaction are Guaranteed!


Fish Guaranteed… No Kidding!

Our lights have been proven so effective at attracting fish in any natural waterway that we actually guarantee the fish or your money back!

Fresh or saltwater; try one of our underwater dock lights, portable HID fishing lights, or LED fishing lights for sixty nights and if you’re not 100% thrilled with the results, return it for a full refund!


Great Customer Reviews

Click on any product to read reviews from our previous customers or check out some of the incredible videos and photos they send in , which are testimonials in their own right!

Dedicated to Quality; Committed to Customer Service

Whether you’re looking for a dock light system for your waterfront home, or a light that you can take on the boat to attract fish anywhere, we have the perfect light for you. We build them with pride, right here in the USA and our lights are used by everyone from professional fishermen to exotic resorts and university biology departments.


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You can see more great customer feedback like this in the product reviews featured on every product page.

“Out of the four companies I’ve used over the past few years these lights by Underwater Fish Light are by far the best. None of the lights from other companies lasted for more than 6 months. These lights by Underwater Fish Light are clearly the best out there, but more importantly they stand by their word and warranty.”

Jeremy H.

Fairhope, AL

“We have 8 of these amazing lights and absolutely love them. We have had some of the competitive brands and there is no comparison. We have tons of Snook, Redfish, tarpon, shark, and many other species all over our lights every night. It is like an aquarium in our backyard. This is one top notch company that I give the highest recommendation to!!! I wish all companies could learn from this one. Thank you, John. You and your company are amazing.”

Carl C.

Palm Harbor, FL

“I looked at the cheaper options and kept coming back to this one. I was willing to pay the extra for a quality product that I wouldn’t need to replace every year. All in all I am extremely pleased with the product, effortless to install and use and brings life to our dock and canal that was never there before. Five stars all around.”

Carl C.

Tampa, FL

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