We have many customers that have purchased our Natural Green light many years ago and now wish to upgrade to the Vibrant Green bulb. Unfortunately, we cannot simple attached the new bulb to their system. The Natural Green lights are 175-watt bulbs. These bulbs are powered by 175-watt ballasts, or transformers, inside the control box. The Vibrant Green lights are 250-watt bulbs and are powered by 250-watt ballasts inside the control box. Unfortunately, the 175-watt Natural Green ballasts are not powerful enough to light the 250-watt bulbs.

For those customers that wish to upgrade, they would have to purchase an all new Vibrant Green system to reap the benefits of the brighter light. Underwater Fish Light does give customers a sixty-night money-back guarantee. So, any customer that is within the sixty-night period is welcome to return their Natural Green system and exchange it for the brighter Vibrant Green system.

Many customers purchase these lights so they can see and catch fish at their dock. But while these lights are guaranteed to attract fish, they also attract fishermen! Some customers are either uneasy about strangers being so close to their dock, while other are just worried other fishermen will damager their light with cast nets, lures, or boat propellers. There are several ways you can protect your light to ensure that it keeps bringing in fish for years to come!

The first, and most important, thing to do is to protect your underwater wire. Wire Shield is the perfect accessory to ensure no fish hooks can snag or cut your wire. But installing some Wire Shield, you can ensure your system will be protected. If your wire is unprotected and a fish hook cuts your wire, it will cause your system to trip the GFCI and turn off. The only way to fix this issue is to send it back here to Underwater Fish Light to get it repaired.

Many people might think they will need a bulb cage to protect their bulbs from other fishermen, this is actually incorrect. The bulbs are tough, and are meant to be mounted low enough on the ocean, lake or river floor to ensure it does not get hit by a boat. Many people request a bulb cage to protect the bulbs. While these cages do protect the bulbs from blunt force, we do not suggest mounting them on dock systems because they have two unfortunate complications. The vinyl-coated mesh cages tend to be “hook magnets.” For example, if someone were to be fishing by your light (which happens incredibly often, even if you don’t fish your own light!) and they happened to snag your mesh cage with their hook without realizing it. Once this happens, they are likely to real in the bulb because they think they got a fish! If they happen to pull the bulb out of the water and drop it back in, the bulb will break. This is because the bulb burns so hot, that it must remain in the water at all times. If it is taken out, even if it is in a bulb cage, the bulb will break. Another issue with the bulb cages is that they are not self-cleaning. While the HID bulbs on the system generate enough heat to clean themselves off, they are not powerful enough to clean off the cage, therefore anyone with a bulb cage on their dock system would have to clean the barnacles from the cage every couple of weeks. This, unfortunately, defeats the purpose of a maintenance-free HID bulb.

Some people would rather the light turn off any time a fisherman gets near their light. Even though the lights cannot be put on a switch, there is another surefire way to get the light to turn off. After installing your fish light, head to your local hardware store and purchase a motion light. Once you purchased the light, point the sensor out towards the water, where boats and other fishermen must pass by in order to be near your light. After point the sensor, mount the light in a place where it will shine directly at the photocell on the fish light when it is turned on. With this simple technique, the fishermen will trip the motion light to point directly at the photocell. Once the photocell detects the light, it will turn off the fish light because it believes it is daytime.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to protect your light to ensure it keeps running and keeps bringing you fish!

Many people want more lights after they purchase their first. Whether it is to create a better ambiance, or to just bring in more fish, everyone seems to want more! Unfortunately, getting more lights is not as simple as just connecting a new bulb and cord to your current control box, but fret not! It is still easy to get more lights at your dock!

Each bulb on an Underwater Fish Light is connected to its own portion of underwater rated wire. It also must be powered by its own ballast, or transformer, in the control box that is mounted on the dock. If you have a single light dock system, you cannot add another light bulb to your wire. One ballast is not powerful enough to power two bulbs at full capacity.

If you do have dock system that you would like to add more lights to, you have a couple options. Underwater Fish Light gives every customer a sixty-night money-back guarantee for all systems. If you are within that sixty-day period, you are more than welcome to bring the light back to us, and we will exchange it for a larger system. If you are out of the sixty-day period, you are still able to get more lights on your dock! All you would need to do is purchase another fish light system, just make sure you have another outlet available at your dock!

While a bulb can break in a matter of seconds, sadly the replacement is not as fast. All bulbs from Underwater Fish Light are sealed to the wire they are connected to. Because of this, they cannot simply screwed in and out. In order to replace your bulb, you will need to ship your wire and broken bulb to the Underwater Fish Light manufacturing facility for repair and replacement.

Replacing the bulb is a multi-step process. First, the old housing for the bulb is cut off from the wire and thrown away. Every housing is permanently sealed to the bulb. Once the glass bulb breaks, the housing is no longer usable, so it must be thrown away. Once the old housing is removed from the wire, the wire must be inspected to ensure it is reusable. If the wire has nick, cuts, or has deteriorated, it will not be reusable. Technicians test the wire by pumping air through it while it is submerged underwater. If there are any nicks or cuts in the wire, air bubbles will rise, which will indicate an unusable portion of wire. Once the wire has been deemed reusable by the technicians, it is ready to get a new bulb!

Before a new bulb is ready to be sealed to the wire, it must first get a new housing. All housings are made by hand. They are also painted by hand with bottom paint to repel barnacles. Once he housing are built, painted, and ready, they are put together with the bulb and connected to the wire. Now, simply because the bulb is connected to the wire, does not mean that it is sealed. The technicians then taken each bulb and seal it by hand. The sealant is a “secret recipe” only Underwater Fish Light uses. This ensures that the bulbs will not leak, no matter how long the sealants are exposed to the elements. After the sealant is applied, the bulb must seal overnight. After it has been tested, it is ready to ship back to you so it can light up your waterway every night!