Even if you are only at your home a few months out of the year, our lights will still work great! Underwater Fish Lights are meant to be permanently installed into the waterway for year-round fun. The bulbs are self-cleaning, so there is no maintenance required with these lights. However, if you are not comfortable leaving the light at the dock while you are away, simply take it out of the water! Just remember, each time you take the system out and put it back in, you might need to wait a couple of days before you see your big predator fish again. 

Many of our seasonal customers decide to take their lights with them when they go back up north! This is a great idea, because it lets you see the fish no matter where you are! Just be sure to check your local regulations to ensure lights are permitted in your local area!

Welcome to our first fishing lure feature!

Once a month, we are going to feature our favorite fishing lure to help you catch more fish at your light! This month, our featured lure is the LiveTarget Sardine Swimbait. This lure is incredibly realistic (some humans are even fooled!). LiveTarget is known for their high-quality, ultra-realistic lures and the Sardine Swimbait does not disappoint! This lure naturally swims like a real baitfish, so retrieval is a breeze. Even though it’s a softbait, this lure is built to last and will quickly become a permanent fixture in your tackle box. 

Interested in the LiveTarget Sardine Swimbait? Just click here to purchase!

Most people that purchase an Underwater Fish Light, do it to catch fish, but before you throw out lines, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Protect your system! Obviously, if you’re fishing, you’ll be using sharp hooks. These hooks can snag the wire going out to your bulb, which will cause your system to trip. Each of our systems come equipped with a GFCI plug for safety. So, if anything in the system is damaged, the GFCI will turn it off to avoid any further damage. The best way to protect your system is to get some form of protective sheathing around that wire. Our version of this protection is called Wire Shield. It’s just a heavy duty hose that wraps around the wire and adds a layer of protection to it. If a hook were to snag the Wire Shield, it wouldn’t cause any damage to your system.
  2. Choose the right bait or lures! In order to be successful, you have to match your bait or lures to what you see at your light already. If you light is full of tiny shrimp, then use a shrimp lure or some shrimp bait. If you see more schools of minnows, then try to use lures or bait that match the same size. The predator fish at your light are already attracted to the current food source (baitfish). By matching your what’s on your hook to what’s on your light, you’ll find much more success!
  3. Don’t scare them all away! Fish like snook or tarpon are very smart. If you were to start overfishing your light, you might start noticing less and less predator fish. While the lights are great for fishing, it’s smarter to only fish your light every few days to ensure you don’t spook your prize fish!

These are just three simple tips to help you land those big fish at your light. You can see them, now go catch them!!