If you’re wondering how you can accentuate the outside of your house, wonder no more. Dock lights add that special something that turns an ordinary house into a beautiful home.

Underwater dock lights have the ability to transform your entire yard and can match your style allowing you to express yourself, making anyone looking at your dock feel like they’re in The Great Gatsby.

Have a look at what LED dock lights and solar dock lights can do for you.

Create a Backyard Aquarium

There’s something entirely mesmerizing about observing fish as they swim around. When you incorporate underwater dock lights into your backyard pond or dock, you’ll be sure to see plenty of fish gathering around them.

Underwater fish lights reflect particles in the water to attract various types of fish. Depending on where you live, you can see countless of different fish species – snook, tarpon, bass, and many others.

Dock lights often have the option of automatically turning on at dusk and turning off at dawn, so you usually don’t even have to worry about them at all.

You can use your backyard aquarium for fishing, or you can just use it to add that pizzazz to your entire home.

Choose Your Perfect Color

LED dock lights often come in many different colors, and you can choose whichever one suits your personal style and preferences. However, if you want to attract fish, it’s recommended that you use a bit more subdued and natural colors.

A natural green color is sure to attract countless fish, and it will give a more natural vibe to your whole house, dock, and backyard. If you’d prefer to have that “The Great Gatsby” vibe, you could opt for a more vibrant green color. You’ll become the envy of the neighborhood, and everyone’s sure to be talking about your backyard décor.

Caribbean blues are often the favorite. If you have crystal clear water, this color will stand out, making you feel like you’re on a tropical island.

Before you choose the colors, check the condition of the water. Murky waters ask for brighter and more vibrant colors, while you can basically do what you prefer with clear waters.

Dock Light Systems

You don’t have to do a lot to accentuate your dock. Adding a simple single-light system can be more than enough for a subtle décor that’s still exceptionally noticeable.

Smaller docks can benefit greatly from solar dock lights with a single light source, while those with larger docks can opt for bigger light systems.

If you’re fond of throwing outdoor parties in your backyard and have a sizeable dock, you can find great use for quad light systems. A bright LED dock light with 4 bulbs will create an astonishing atmosphere for any occasion, making your home truly stand out.

Underwater dock lights add so much to your backyard and your entire home; you’ll regret not installing them sooner. Let everyone see your style and creativity with a unique dock light set up and enjoy the view and the relaxing atmosphere these lights can create. Get started today with Underwater Fish Light.

Fishing at night is an amazing experience on its own. If you consider yourself to be a professional angler, you know that fishing at night can be exciting. If you’ve never tried night fishing before, it’s about time you do.

Most anglers prefer fishing at night for several reasons. One of them is the fact that it’s soothing and relaxing. Also, it’s the perfect time to catch something worth bragging about.

With a proper night fishing light set up, you can finally catch something worth bragging about. Here are a few tips to do just that…

Attract the Fish With Properly Placed Lighting

When it comes to fishing from a boat, silence if everything. If you prefer to fish from a boat, you need to make sure that it doesn’t shake or move too much because any movement will scare the fish away. So, the best thing to do is to anchor the boat so that it remains stationary to prevent it from moving or swinging.

If you’re fishing off the shore, you can use saltwater pier fishing lights. The light needs to be underwater while it’s recommended to be in total darkness above the water. The fish will see the light and approach it, but you need to make sure that your silhouette or additional light doesn’t scare them off.

Choose the Area Where Fish Come to Feed

Underwater Fish Light night fishing spotlights guarantee that you will catch a good prize but only if you choose an area where fish regularly come to feed. Some areas simply don’t have fish around. While setting the lights and anchoring your boat is essential to your success, the area matters too.

Fish will be attracted to the promise of a rich feast on the surface. This is just the opportunity you need. Just drop a jig, a lure, or some bait nearby and wait. They won’t be able to resist.

Set your Night Fishing Lighting at the Right Depth

Setting your lighting at a proper depth is essential to going home with full hands. Avoid waters that are too deep or too shallow. You should be able to drop the light down a meter. It needs to be at the right depth, not too high near the surface nor too deep. Also, keep in mind that you’ll probably need to adjust it during the night, depending on the tides.

Two Lights are Better than One

Using two fishing lights gives you much more opportunities for catching lots of fish rather than just one. Therefore, if possible, use two underwater fishing lights and keep just enough distance between them to get the perfect radius of light over the fishing area.

Follow these tips and you’re set for a night full of prize catches! Get started today with Underwater Fish Light!

If you want to get the most out of your fish production, going with optimized aquaculture LED lights is perhaps the best thing you can do. Aquaculture lighting is a very effective tool that will help you significantly enhance your fish production and maximize welfare.

Underwater Fish light is here to provide you with all the necessary lighting equipment you need to create unique and specific conditions that optimize the needed aquatic environment and get your fish population to thrive. Since fish need a specific environment and the right conditions to develop, Philips lighting solutions are an excellent way to reduce production costs and increase your revenue.

On top of all that, all Underwater Fish Light aquaculture lighting solutions were specifically designed to fully support the development of sustainable aquaculture that’s needed for the welfare of your fish population.

Top Class Aquaculture Products

Whether you need the highest quality products for marine-based or land aquaculture, Underwater Fish Light has more than a dozen customized solutions, specifically designed for such purposes.

Our light systems were designed for providing optimized lighting conditions to ensure enhanced fish production while guaranteeing ease of use in every way.

Our systems were manufactured according to the latest standards and trends in the market and we welcome all technological innovations to make sure we bring our customers the highest quality products.

We take pride in offering the most advanced lighting systems that were customized according to your sophisticated needs. Whether you need a single light system or a quad light system, we have you covered.

A few aquaculture lighting systems we provide are:

  • Classic Natural Green Triple Light System
  • Extra Bright Quad Light System
  • Classic Natural Portable Light System
  • And so much more

Optimized Lighting Solutions to Maximize Your Fish Production

At Underwater Fish Light, we’re fully aware of how important light is to your aquaculture and fish population. Therefore, our cost-effective, high-quality lighting solutions were designed according to the latest environmental controls and research.

Our products provide an optimized light spectrum that was carefully tuned to the light sensitivity of the fish. Our systems offer very effective dusk and dawn simulation effects to minimize stress while optimizing photoperiods. With light installation and easy maintenance, you can expect benefits such as:

  • Increased growth
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Reduced stress, mortality, and sexual maturation
  • Improved smoltification
  • Sea lice reduction
  • Higher energy efficiency

With the most effective aquaculture LED lights specifically designed for the cultivation of fish, Underwater Fish Light will help you light up your fish farm and get the most out of your fish cultivation. Our innovative and advanced lighting systems enhance the natural food source in your aquaculture to help it thrive and develop.

With the best lighting systems, you’ll easily see your fish farms thrive and swarm with rich aquatic life. Bring your aquaculture to life with the most effective and affordable aquaculture lighting systems.

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This month is our first time featuring a customer photo! Many of our great customers take beautiful pictures and are nice enough to share them with us! 

This month’s featured photo comes from Howard L. in the Florida Keys! Howard has our Caribbean Blue systems and frequently sees a lot of big fish like this Goliath Grouper!

This month, our featured lure is is the LiveTarget Pinfish Swimbait Lure! LiveTarget is known for their extremely lifelike high-quality lures. The pinfish is one of our favorites to use, not only at our lights, but everywhere! Big fish like snook and tarpon are always hungry for these little guys!

Watch the video below for more information on the LiveTarget Swimbait Series!

This weekend, we will be attending the Seafood Festival in Marathon, Florida! At these shows, we always have great deals and doorbuster sales! 

The Seafood Festival is on March 9th and 10th! There will also be many other vendors and some great seafood to try! Don’t miss out on a great weekend!