Aside from the need to see what you’re doing and where you’re going on open waters when fishing at night, fishing lights were designed and developed to do three things

  • attract plankton and baitfish
  • illuminate your immediate surroundings and the water below you
  • produce good fishing results

Today’s advancements lighting industry technologies has resulted in the evolvement of lights that attract plankton, baitfish, and game fish.  Furthermore, they are available for boaters in two versions, namely the in-hull and portable varieties.

How Boat-mounted Fishing Lights work

In reference to the above three factors, night fishing lights attract the members of the food chain by illuminating the water below your vessel.  Additionally, they are capable of lighting a larger area up to and including around the entire boat.  This creates a focal point or a shadow line for the angler where the light fades into darkness.  This becomes the prime ambush point for the larger predator fish.  Not only does it help the angler to see where he or she places their bait, they can react quickly when spotting a fish.

In a sense, fishing lights are a source of entertainment because they attract everything from tiny creatures (plankton) to large game fish.  While you’re impatiently waiting for the water to explode as a larger game fish comes into feed, you can keep busy dipping your net or jigging for baitfish and squid.  Although fishing lights will help you increase your catch numbers and put more fish in your boat, it helps to have good angling skills as well as a knowledge of what’s in the water.

In-Hull and Portable Fishing Lights

No matter what type of fish you’re after or where you are fishing for them, you should consider purchasing in-hull and portable lights for your trip.  The portable light is going to serve you well when it comes to seeing in the water and jigging for live bait.  The illuminated area on and below the surface of the water will make it much easier for you to not only jig for baitfish and squid, but to see and react to incoming game fish.  Also, it makes baiting your hook and tying your line easier as well.

Thanks to LED technology, the in-hull fishing lights that are available on the market today are ultra-durable, low amperage products that can stand up to the abuse and pounding of rough waters.  Furthermore, LED lights cannot be damaged when left on the boat and do not emit excessive heat unlike halogen and xenon/HID lighting.  Plus, you have a choice of in-hull or surface-mounted lights.  Because the in-hull version requires drilling a large hole for the light below the waterline, the surface mounted variety has become increasingly more popular.

Fishing off of fishing piers has been an enjoyable pastime for thousands of people for quite a long time. No matter what time of day, whenever you pass a fishing pier, you’re sure to see people out there trying to land their favorite fish. Fishing piers are a great way to get anyone involved in fishing. Young or old, boat owners or land lovers, anyone can participate in the fun of pier fishing. 

One of the most popular accessories for avid pier fishermen is the gear cart. If you find yourself on the pier, you might notice quite of few of the people fishing there have all of their tools and gear loaded into a wheeled cart. It’s not rocket science. The carts simply make pier fishing easier. You don’t need to worry about making multiple trips, or carrying everything out to the pier. A simply cart can transform the way you engage in pier fishing. 

Just like the hallowed cart, a portable fish light simply makes night pier fishing easier. Portable Fishing Lights can be added to your cart or gear load out easily, and can drastically change the way you engage in pier fishing. All you need to do is arrive to the fishing pier, and throw the fish light in the water first. Let the fish light sit in the water while you get the rest of your gear ready to go. Let it sit for sometime, and you’ll notice small baitfish will start to appear. 

While fish lights seem to magically attract fish to your dock, it is actually a simple, scientific process. Any light under the water, no matter what the color, will attract fish. When lights are placed under the water, they reflect off particles in the water. These tiny little particles enhance a natural food source for bait fish. These bait fish are then attracted to the light. Once the bait fish are attracted, they bring in bigger game fish like snook, tarpon, and bass. As time goes on, more fish will appear at the light. Most of them will be bigger than the ones that preceded them. These lights do more than just attract fish, they create a natural aquarium in your backyard! The best part about these lights is that they do not harm the fish or any other marine life. They enhance a natural food source for the animals as well as provide countless hours of entertainment for anyone that sees them.