5 Best Dock Accessories in 2019

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Dock accessories to bring your dock from ordinary to extraordinary!

A dock isn’t just some place to park your boat or launch your kayaks. It’s a place where people can come together to relax, celebrate, and create memories! Without some key dock accessories, you won’t be able to make the most of your front row seat to nature! 

5. Outdoor Furniture

Our number 5 choice for dock accessories is outdoor furniture! While this might seem like an obvious choice, it’s incredibly important! If your dock doesn’t have any furniture, chances are, no one is going to want to spend an extended period of time there. The less time to spend on your dock, the less great memories you can make! So many of our customers tell us how nice it is to finish their day off by relaxing on their dock with a couple of drinks. It’ll be hard to to relax if there is nowhere for you to sit and unwind!

You’ll want to be sure to get outdoor furniture! Many of our customers are on saltwater canals. Even if you’re not on a saltwater canal, the natural elements of being on the waterfront can take a toll on any materials. For this reason, we suggest getting heavy-duty outdoor furniture that is made to be in these elements. This will ensure your purchase lasts longer and you have minimal maintenance!

4. Rod Holders

These are relatively cheap accessories that can really come in handy! While fishing off your dock, you may find that you’ll need to step away or put your rod down for water reason. If you don’t have rod holders, you’ll either have to reel in your line, or chances laying the rod down and losing it forever. 

Rod holders like the ones depicted in the photo below, can just be simple pieces of PVC pipes that are attached to the dock pilings. They’re cheap, simple to install, and work perfectly. If you’re looking for something more high-end, there are countless options online for dock rod holders. Just keep in mind, that the price tag on these can rise quickly!

3. Lock Box

There are many different supplies and tools we all need on our docks. Rather than having to take them to and from the garage each time, we suggest getting a lock box! These boxes are tough, safe, and secure. You’ll be able to keep your life jackets, rods, fish equipment, paddles, and much more in a box right on your dock! 

These boxes can be bolted to the dock to keep thieves from taking it away. They are also designed to be exposed to the elements of saltwater and harsh weather. These great boxes keep everything secure and close to your dock so you don’t have to go running back and forth for supplies every time you plan a day out on the water.

2. Boat Lift

Boat lifts are a necessity when you live on saltwater. If you’re going to keeping a boat near your dock in your saltwater canal, you’ll need a boat lift. While traveling through a saltwater canal system, you’ll rarely ever see a dock without a boat lift. Boat lifts keep your boat safe from extreme water conditions, tide changes, and barnacles. In many tropical areas, barnacle growth can get quite extensive. Rather than diving under the boat every two weeks to scrape off barnacles, many people purchase a boat lift to keep their boats clean and increase their longevity. 

We suggest getting a boat lift for any vessel larger than a kayak or a canoe. If it is going to be spending extended periods of time in a saltwater canal, you’ll want to get it out of the water. The best way to get a boat out of the water is a boat lift! All you have to do is align your boat over the lowered life, get off the boat, and flip your lift switch! The lift will then slowly rise to lift your vessel out of the water. It’s that easy!

1. Underwater Fish Light

Of course, it comes as no surprise that our favorite dock accessories is an Underwater Fish Light! These amazing lights enhance the natural food source for marine animals. By reflecting off microorganisms in the water, these dock lights attract large predator fish that will be coming to visit your dock every night! Our dock lights offer a different kind of entertainment that can bring a family together and create lasting memories. Whether you sit back and watch the fish interact, or you get up and start trying to catch some of the fish on the light, you’ll be sure to ensure your dock like you never have before!

For the past 15 years, our main goal here at Underwater Fish Light has been to produce quality, American-made products and provide excellent customer service. Because of this, we have created our three-year warranty as well as our sixty-night money-back guarantee! We guarantee that you will see fish, or you’ll get a full refund! Our lights are the best on the market because we use the highest grade material, and manufacture everything in our facility located in Port Charlotte, FL. If you’re still not sure if an Underwater Fish Light is right for you, give us a call at 855-347-4544 and we’d be happy to help you out!

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