What Makes these Lights Different from Others on the Market?

Professional Grade Quality; Proven Technology

True HID Design – Self-Cleaning – UL Approved Components – Multiple Safety Backups

We have been building lights for ten years now! Through testing and continuous improvements, we have developed the highest quality, most effective underwater lighting systems on the market today. These lights are manufactured from only top-of-the-line, UL Approved components, and are proven to perform beautifully for years. We not only famously guarantee the fish, but also guarantee you will be thrilled with the quality of all our light systems.


Tested & Recommended by Professional Fishermen, Universities, Contractors, Businesses & Thousands of Satisfied Customers

These systems have not only been tested around the world by professional, commercial, and recreational fishermen, but have also stood the test of time with waterfront homeowners. Our lights have a reputation for providing years of trouble-free service, even when subjected to harsh marine environments.

Our lights are used in University Studies, and by Research Organizations to attract aquatic life for educational and scientific purposes. These same systems are the preferred favorite of Professional Fishermen, from Recreational Fishing Guides to Offshore Commercial Fishing Operations.

Contractors, dock duilders, and other waterfront professionals also choose and recommend our lights for their clients. Our reputation with the marine community of quality and integrity was earned by years of customer feedback and industry leading service and support. When professionals in any field need a top quality underwater lighting system, they choose UnderwaterFishLight.com

Try One Risk-Free for 60 Nights!

Take two full months to try any light in your own waterway!

We’re so confident that you’ll love the way our lights look and peform that we offer every customer the chance to try one out in their own waterway for two full months. If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

Fish Guaranteed!

Fresh or saltwater, we actually guarantee the fish!

These lights are so effective at attracting fish that we guarantee that if you put them into a natural body of water, they will show up! Which species you see will depend on where you are, but they work great in both fresh and saltwater.

Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

No games; we stand behind our products.

We take pride in the fact that we build our systems using the highest quality components available and for that reason we are able to offer a true 3 year warranty. Unlike other manufacturers, we cover the entire system for the full 3 years.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our friendly staff can answer any questions you have, even after hours!

Taking care of our customers is the most important thing we do. Whether you have questions before you buy, or aftewards, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Call or email us and we promise you’ll be impressed!

Fish Guaranteed! Satisfaction Guaranteed! No Kidding!

Years of testing and contact with our customers have given us the utmost confidence in our products. We know for a fact that our lights work, so we put it in writing. These lights are absolutely guaranteed to attract fish in any body of water or your money back.

It’s not just the fish that are guaranteed. It’s the quality of the products we manufacture and our high level of customer service that mean we stand behind our lights 100%. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the build quality, beauty and effectiveness our lights, or we will gladly issue you a full refund. When you combine these incredible guarantees with our reputation, you know that you can order with confidence.


The Ultimate Underwater Lighting Systems

Top Quality Under Water Green Glowing Fish Lights: Snook Lights, Fishing Lights

Our systems are simple to install, automatic, require no maintenance and provide countless hours of exciting entertainment as you watch your waterway come alive.

The Fish Go Crazy!

Our underwater lighting Systems are built with top quality, UL Approved, environmentally friendly components. All of our units are meticulously tested and inspected and come with our exclusive 3 year warranty.

We spare no expense to ensure that this is the best quality underwater light on the market. Where others scrimp, we splurge. Unlike some other manufacturers who use hardware store extension cords and other inferior components, these systems utilize UL Approved wire built to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Our dock light systems come with everything you need to light up your waterway and attract fish in any body of water. We include a photo-sensor that will turn the light on in the evening and off in the morning automatically. Just follow the simple installation instructions, plug it in, and you are ready to go.


Have More Fun at the Dock!

We hear from customers all the time that they take their boats out less often now that the fishing is so good right off the dock. While there is nothing like a day on the water, having fish on tap behind your house is a lot of fun too !

Not All Fish Lights are Created Equal!

Beware, there are now a lot of copycats out there selling different knock-offs. Some companies are even using photos of our HID technology to sell halogen and other inferior lights. Be sure of what you are getting. There are other lights with similar technology being put together in garages by amateurs and cost cutters.

Go with the pros at UnderwaterFishLight.com and you can order with confidence knowing that you are getting the true HID system, top of the line components and quality controls that go into every light we build. We have thousands of happy customers and we are proud of our reputation, so please ask around about us.


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