Advantages of Night Fishing | Underwater Fish Lights

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Fish Behavior

One of the biggest advantages to fishing at night is the way fish behave when it’s dark out. Because there are less boats and people around the water, the fish are far less distracted. If you are the only ones on the water, the fish will be less jumpy as they normally could be by the sounds and movements of multiple boats skimming along the water’s edge. Fish are more calm at night and are more likely to have a steady swimming pattern. Boats and other people fishing during the day will likely scare off any potential catch.

Better Visibility

When light illuminates the water beneath, you are able to see fish far more than you would during the day time as the only light hitting the water would be from the sun. Being able to see the contrast of the light from the dock lights and the darkness of the sky will generate more visibility in seeing the fish beneath the surface. Fishing at night with the underwater dock lights has shown that it is easier to see the fish as opposed to seeing them during the day. The lights illuminate enough where you can visibly see your surroundings for potential fish to cast.

Less Traffic

Since fishing at night isn’t as common, there will be less competition on the water. Fishing at night decreases the boat traffic on the water, and the less people out on the water going for the fish, the better chance you will have of reeling a few of them in. Fish are far less likely to show sporadic behavior at night because of the calmness of the water as opposed to the things that go on during the day, making your castings more accurate and precise. Fish will often swim more linear and slower at night time as well.

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