Fish Behavior

One of the biggest advantages to fishing at night is the way fish behave when it’s dark out. Because there are less boats and people around the water, the fish are far less distracted. If you are the only ones on the water, the fish will be less jumpy as they normally could be by the sounds and movements of multiple boats skimming along the water’s edge. Fish are more calm at night and are more likely to have a steady swimming pattern. Boats and other people fishing during the day will likely scare off any potential catch.

Better Visibility

When light illuminates the water beneath, you are able to see fish far more than you would during the day time as the only light hitting the water would be from the sun. Being able to see the contrast of the light from the dock lights and the darkness of the sky will generate more visibility in seeing the fish beneath the surface. Fishing at night with the underwater dock lights has shown that it is easier to see the fish as opposed to seeing them during the day. The lights illuminate enough where you can visibly see your surroundings for potential fish to cast.

Less Traffic

Since fishing at night isn’t as common, there will be less competition on the water. Fishing at night decreases the boat traffic on the water, and the less people out on the water going for the fish, the better chance you will have of reeling a few of them in. Fish are far less likely to show sporadic behavior at night because of the calmness of the water as opposed to the things that go on during the day, making your castings more accurate and precise. Fish will often swim more linear and slower at night time as well.

Choose Your Outfit

No. We’re not talking about what color shirt you’re going to wear when you go out fishing. We mean your rod, reel, and fly line. The key to successful fly fishing trips is a great outfit targeted towards the fish you are trying to catch. For instance, if you’re going fishing for brook trout in Yosemite, you’ll more than likely use a smaller 3wt road with a floating line. But, since we are going dock light fishing for some larger snook, we will want at least an 8wt rod with sinking line.

Grab A Great Rod

There are many different brands and types of fly rods to choose from. My personal favorite, is the St. Croix Imperial. This fly rod is a great all-around rod. It’s a faster rod, meaning is it somewhat stiffer, allowing you to cast farther, faster. You can use this rod for saltwater fishing at docks, in mangroves, and even at the beach. You can also use this rod in fresh water or anywhere you see fish. The best size to choose for a well-rounded saltwater fly rod is either an 8wt or 9wt. If you get this size, you can use it almost anywhere!

Pick the Right Fly Line

Choosing a good fly line will make a huge difference while you’re out on your adventures. Since you will want your flies to look as though they are swimming among the rest of the bait at the dock lights, you will want to get a sinking line so the fly can go below the surface and among the other fish. Also, a weight forward line will make casting easier for some.

Find A Place To Park Your Line

Many people consider a fly reel as simply “a place to park your line.” Meaning, it doesn’t not have as much sway in your fish battles as a regular spinning rod, but there are many other things to consider. Firstly, ensure that the reel you choose has a sealed drag system. Since you will most likely be fishing in saltwater, you want to make sure all the mechanisms within the reel are safe from deteriorating from the saltwater. The Cheeky Tyro reel has a sealed drag system and is incredibly tough, so it’s a great choice for an all-round saltwater reel.

Load Up Your Fly Box

The key to choosing great flies is matching the baitfish that are normally at the fish lights. So, some of the best flies to choose are the clowser minnow, the gummy glass minnow, and the schminnow flies. All of these are similar to the bait you will see at the dock light. They’re all trusty flies, and are fairly easy to tie, if you’re interested in getting into the hobby.

Finally Time To Fish!

Now that you’ve got your best outfit with you, it’s time to get out on the water! The key to landing a good fish at a dock light is stealth and presentation. Firstly, you’ll want to remember that most fish are rather smart. You’ll need to remain quiet, and calm on the water. Even though you can see the fish in the dock light, that doesn’t mean they won’t just dart away if they feel threatened.

The harder part is ensuring you have the right presentation. Your fly looks similar to the other baitfish, now you’ve got to make it behave like one too. Study the swimming patters of the baitfish before you make your first cast so you know the type of behavior you need to mimic.

View the video below we received from a great customer while he was fly fishing from our lights!

Dock Lighting With A Purpose

When it comes to outdoor lighting for your dock, there are many things to consider. Sometimes, people like to choose the items that look the “coolest.” However, that might not be the best strategy. It’s important to choose products that not only look great, but serve an important purpose. So, this blog will be focused on the best purposeful outdoor lighting for your dock.

Solar Piling Caps

Solar piling caps are a great way to illuminate your dock. These amazing piling caps will serve multiple purposes when it comes to protect your dock. First, it will illuminate the area on and around your dock with pleasant ambient lighting. This will make it safer and more enjoyable for you and your family. Second, these lights will also make your dock more visible to other boaters that might be navigating through the canal at night, to help prevent any marine accidents. Lastly, these solar piling caps also protect your pilings like regular piling caps, but with extra flare!

Boat Lift Lights

Boat lift lights are a very new feature, but they are incredibly useful! The GuideLites fit snug into the 2 inch PVC pipe that comes with most boat lifts. The GuideLites can be seen from long distances, but not be blinding while up close. To achieve this, they create a “glow” effect to ensure you can see every boat lift light. So, whether you are looking from 5 feet or 50 feet, you will still be able to know exactly where your boat lift is.

Fish Lights

It’s no surprise that those who live in waterfront homes love the water. Whether it’s boating, fishing, or just enjoying nature, there are many benefits to having a dock. One of the best outdoor lighting accessory for your dock is an Underwater Fish Light! It’s a great addition for those who love to fish, or just to watch the beauties of natural environment at night. Fish lights not provide an amazing form of entertainment for you and your family, they also have an important safety aspect. Just like the DokLite solar piling caps, the fish lights illuminate your dock. That way, if anyone is traveling the canals at night, your dock is safer from possible marine accidents.

How Dock Lights Work

In order to successfully fish at dock lights, you need to first understand how they work. While lit under the water, the bulbs reflect off microorganisms. This reflection attracts small baitfish and minnows to the light. These baitfish, in turn, attract larger predator fish. Essentially, these dock lights create a food chain right next to your dock!

Because the dock lights automatically turn on each day, the fish will become used to the feeding cycle produced. The longer your dock lights are in the water, the more predator fish you will see. Depending on your location, you can see many different species of fish, such as, snook, tarpon, redfish, ladyfish, and much more. 

Choosing the Right Bait & Lures

The most important thing to do before fishing dock lights, is choosing the right bait or lure. Take a few moments to watch the lights and see what type of baitfish are swimming around. After watching the light, try to match what is on your hook to the bait surrounding the light. For example, if you use a shrimp lure at a dock light full of small minnows, the smart predator fish, will not give you the time of day. For the most part, small minnows will be the best choice for lures or bait. Shrimp are only apparent in waterways with a steady current, which is not the case for most dock lights that are popular in homeowner canals. 

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The baitfish perform a circular pattern once attracted from the dock lights. Because of this, it will be easier for you to choose which bait or lure to cast into the water.  When casting, aim past the light and into the shadows. Then slowly reel in your bait or lure at the same speed of the other bait swimming through the light. Also, if possible, try to match the swim patterns of the bait fish (circle, darting, etc..). By matching the speed and behavior of the baitfish, you stand a better chance of attracting the predator fish who are at the lights.

At Underwater Fish Light, we strive to build the best dock lights on the market. All of our lights are built in the United States and come with a three year warranty.

See Your Targets

Our dock lights allow you to view any of the fish in your area. Our dock lights are fish guaranteed! They attract larger fish by reflecting off microorganisms in the water that attract baitfish. These baitfish, in turn, attract larger predator fish like snook, tarpon, redfish, ladyfish, etc. So, by placing these dock lights near your dock, you will be able to experience the activities of the fish below the surface. So, not only will this make your night fishing hobby more enjoyable, it will also enhance anytime you are at your dock. We like to call our dock lights a “backyard aquarium” because they illuminate the life beneath the water.

Learn Their Behavior

With Underwater Fish Lights, you’ll be able to see fish like you’ve never seen before. The illumination of our dock lights will not only allow you to see fish at night, but also how they behave. Being able to see their swimming patterns, social, and territorial behaviors will help you learn how they interact with others. In turn, it will make you a better fisherman. The dock light beneath the water will showcase the habits and natural tendencies of fish, and make your fishing experience that much brighter.

Cast Accurately

We love a good time on the dock, but when it comes to fishing in the dark, its often a hit or miss. Underwater Fish Lights will solve that problem. Being able to see the fish with our dock lights will help you cast with accuracy and precision. No more wondering if you cast at the right angle or depth. Our dock light system will allow you to see every move your fish will make. From our Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series to our Extra Bright 250 Watt Series, you’re guaranteed to catch fish with every bait you cast.

Underwater fish lights make a huge difference in your fishing endeavors. Instead of you going after the fish, you can now bring the fish to you.

With that in mind, it’s good to know that green underwater fish lights work perfectly with Snook and the highest quality light system would make a significant difference in your fishing adventures.

Since there are so many lights to choose from, knowledge is power. Combine the best Snook fishing lights with the best place to fish for Snook at night and a decent amount of patience and we guarantee success.

The Best Snook Lights

When searching for a great Snook light, we recommend these four options

  1. Extra Bright Quad Light System
  2. Classic Natural Green Single Light System
  3. Extra Bright Double Light System
  4. Classic Natural Green Triple Light System

Extra Bright Quad Light System

With the Extra Bright Quad Light System, you get 4 HID underwater lights running on the same control box and you’ll get to choose from three different colors.

You can choose from four different wire lengths. This is one of the top choices for attracting Snook, but it also works pretty well as Crappie light too.

With four underwater lights, it’s safe to say that you’ll light the water on fire, as it will be swarming with fish. This light system comes with a customizable placement and it allows you to easily illuminate any area, which makes it perfect for attracting Snook.

Classic Natural Green Single Light System

The Classic Natural Green Single Light System is a single bulb underwater dock light, mostly used by avid anglers and enthusiastic fishermen. It’s a very common green fishing light and on the more affordable side of the spectrum.

Single light systems add a beautiful accent to your dock and are very successful at attracting fish, as well as bait which is needed if you want to take on a predator fish such as Snook.

Extra Bright Double Light System

The Extra Bright Double Light System is a double light system with two bulbs that guarantee the attraction of both baitfish and predator fish such as Crappie and Snook.

Since it’s always better to have more when it comes to fishing light systems, you’ll probably do better with a double light system, as it does an awesome job of attracting twice as many microorganisms.

Classic Natural Green Triple Light System

The Classic Natural Green Triple Light System is truly an amazing system and is widely used among avid anglers.

With this system, it’s impossible not to catch as many Snooks as you possibly can. It works well with Snook, as it’s able to penetrate into the deep water where Snook usually resides.

These are our top 4 recommendations for Snook lights. For additional options, be sure to browse our selection of underwater fish lights today!

How Fish Attraction Works

Many people living in, or visiting, coastal areas have probably seen a fair amount of green fish lights in the water. Most assume, with reason, the color green is what attracts fish to the light. Surprisingly, that’s not exactly true!

Most fish lights, when lit out of the water, actually illuminate white. After they are placed in the water, the light turns green. That’s because these bulbs are reflecting off particles in the water. This reflection give the lights their green color. 

This particle reflection attracts small baitfish to the light. In turn, these baitfish attract larger predator fish in the area. Because our lights automatically come on every night, the larger predator fish get used to the feeding cycle, and will show up each night. 

Fish Aren’t Picky With Colors

Just because most fish lights are green, doesn’t mean they have to be. Here are Underwater Fish Light, we offer a Caribbean Blue system that illuminate an icy-blue color. Even though it is not green, the light still attracts the same amount of predator fish each night!

Baitfish and the predator fish that follow do not care what color the light under the water is. They simply care about the illumination of the particles in the water. These particles are home to tiny microorganisms that are a great food source to baitfish. So, as long as there is reflection, there will be fish!

Every Light Is Fish Guaranteed!

Here at Underwater Fish Light, we can guarantee you that even light we sell is guaranteed to attract fish! 

While fish lights seem to magically attract fish to your dock, it is actually a simple, scientific process. Any light under the water, no matter what the color, will attract fish. When lights are placed under the water, they reflect off particles in the water. These tiny little particles enhance a natural food source for bait fish. These bait fish are then attracted to the light. Once the bait fish are attracted, they bring in bigger game fish like snook, tarpon, and bass.

Some lights attract fish within minutes of installation, while others can take up to a few weeks. Fish attendance depends on your location. Even though you might not have fish the first night, the process is still the same. It just takes a little longer for the fish to find your light and become accustom to the feeding cycle. Once the fish find the light, they will be back every night. Therefore, it is important for the fish light to run on a photocell. The photocell will ensure the light comes on every night, and off every morning. After a few weeks, you will have built a feeding cycle with the fish in your area and will see them coming back. It is similar to that of a dog. If you feed him every day at 5:15, he will be waiting for his food at 5:10.

As time goes on, more fish will appear at the light. Most of them will be bigger than the ones that preceded them. These lights do more than just attract fish, they create a natural aquarium in your backyard! The best part about these lights is that they do not harm the fish or any other marine life. They enhance a natural food source for the animals as well as provide countless hours of entertainment for anyone that sees them.

Get To Know The Snook

Our Underwater Fish Lights aren’t called “snook lights” for no reason! The longer your light is in the water, the more fish you are going to see. One of the most popular inshore species of fish our customers see is the snook. Our lights will also attract tarpon, redfish, and many more predator fish species. 

Some customers purchase our dock lights to make it easier to see and catch snook, and they are never disappointed! Snook are one of the most popular inshore gamefish. They are caught recreationally in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Atlantic. Commercial fishing of snook has been prohibited in multiple states. Because of this, most of the targeting of snook is done by recreational fishermen.

Know Where To Look

Snook generally like to hang out in mangroves, but also around bridges, docks, and other structures. So, when you see a dock light, you will most likely see snook swimming around. Most snook will be hanging out in the shadows. They might only swim through the light to strike at a bait fish that was attracted to the light. 

Fake It Till You Make It

They key to landing a snook at a fish light is simple. Just act as much like the baitfish as possible. Obviously, we don’t mean you should jump in the water and start swimming around the light. We’re referring to what you have on your hook. You’ll want to ensure your lure or live bait are swimming in the patterns as the other fish around the light. 

If you do not see much shrimp at your dock light, then we suggest against using shrimp bait or lures on your hook. If you see mostly small minnows, then choose a lure that matches those species. 

Once you have something on your hook that resembles the rest of the baitfish, it’s time to start casting. You’ll want to cast out into the shadows passed the light, then reel your line in through the fish light. This will keep your lure from scaring everything in the light when it “plops” into the water.

Just keep casting in a pattern matching the bait fish and within a few casts, you should have a fish on! 

Don’t Lose It!

When you hook the snook, it’s going to be a little bit of a fight depending on the size. Snook are smart, and they’ll try to lose the hook by jumping, or swimming under and through different structures. When you first hook the snook, try to steer it away from the dock pilings and any other waterway obstructions. For many fishermen, once the snook juts under a dock, the fight is lost. So, stay vigilant and have fun! Snook are one of the most fun inshore species of fish to catch! Good luck and tight lines to all!

What’s the Difference?

Here at Underwater Fish Light, our fish light systems have four color choices to choose from! We have our Classic Series, which is a 175 watt bulb. We also have the Extra Bright Series that is equipped with a 250 watt bulb. Our Extra Bright Series sports three different colors; Vibrant Green, Natural Green, and Caribbean Blue! It doesn’t matter which color you choose. Fish will be attracted to the lights no matter what!

Both Series work great, but choosing the color all depends on your water clarity. If you have murky water, your best choice would be to go with the Extra Bright Series. If your water is more clear, the Classic Series will work great!

Our Caribbean Blue fish light systems will only work in crystal clear water. If your are unsure if the Caribbean Blue is right for you, just give us a call at 855-347-4544 and we will be happy to help you!

Extra Bright Series

Our Extra Bright Series sports three different colors! Our Extra Bright Series is 50% brighter than our Classic Series! All three colors have 250 watt bulbs and will attract an amazing amount of fish! Whether you choose the Natural Green, Vibrant Green, or Caribbean Blue, the fish and your satisfaction are guaranteed!

Our Natural Green Systems have the same beautiful color as our Classic Series, but they are 50% brighter! The Vibrant Green Systems illuminate a head-turning emerald green color that is sure to enhance any dock! Finally, our Caribbean Blue Systems illuminate a beautiful ice blue that works great in crystal clear water.

Natural Green

Vibrant Green

Caribbean Blue