What Are Underwater Fish Lights?

If you thoroughly enjoy going night fishing, you need a fish light. Underwater Fish Lights, also known as fish lights, are a tool that every fisherman should have. Yes, they light up the water and help you see, but, these lights help you catch more game fish. Whether you have a dock or a boat, Underwater Fish Light has what you need. We have both portable and stationary options. Visit our website to learn more about our fish lights and other products!


How Do Fish Lights Work?

Our fish lights reflect off of small particles in the water that in return attract many baitfish. By nature, after the baitfish are attracted to the light, larger, predator fish come to feed on those baitfish. This is why Underwater Fish Light likes to call these lights a backyard aquarium. By enhancing the food source in the water, these lights truly bring your backyard to life. The amazing part about dock mounted fish lights is that they turn on every night at the same time, creating a feeding cycle for the fish. Because of this continuous cycle they always come back and give you a chance to make the catch of a lifetime. The concept is simple but it never fails!


The Types Of Fish You Will See At A Fish Light

The different types of fish that you will see surrounding your fish light depend on your location. If you are fishing in saltwater, you’ll mainly see fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish. In Florida’s freshwater, you’ll see largemouth bass and gar. You’ll see Striper, smallmouth bass, and other types of fish in Northern freshwater areas. You may not know this but several fish slow down in the winter. With the water being cooler, they conserve energy by moving and eating less. This is why you might find less activity at your fish light when the temperature drops. But, there are some species that do strive when the temperature drops. 


How Long Do Fish Lights Last

Our Underwater Fish Lights come with a warranty of 3 years but they last much longer than that. Many of our happy customers have had their fish lights in the water for over 10 years. If you’d like to learn more about our company, visit our website today. On our website you can also shop our products, dock accessories, and fish light accessories!

Dock Lighting

Have you been searching for a new accessory for your dock? Dock lights, also known as fish lights, are the perfect addition to any dock. It adds safety and serves as a tool to catch the best game fish. Dock lighting illuminates your dock creating a safer environment for you and every boater out on the water. Dock lights attract many fish and marine life and calls for a great night out for you and your family! There are many dock lighting systems. Here at Underwater Fish Light, we have four different types of dock lighting systems to choose from. We offer a Single Light System, Double Light System, Triple Light System, and a Quad Light System. Let’s go over each system so you can make the best decision depending on your wants and needs!

Single Light Systems

Single Light Systems are ideal for any dock owner searching to add a nice accent to their dock. Even though this system only has one light, it is still guaranteed to attract fish. These systems attract fish by reflecting off microorganisms in the water. These reflections attract baitfish, which in turn attract predator fish like snook, tarpon, redfish, and many more! We have two different series of systems available. Our Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series and our Extra Bright 250 Watt Series. If you have murky water, the best bet for you would be the Extra Bright Series. Our Extra Bright Series sports three different colors; Vibrant Green, Extra Bright, and Caribbean Blue!

Double Light Systems

Our Double Light Systems are exactly the same as our Single Light Systems, but with one difference. This system has two bulbs each on their own individual wire so they can be placed wherever you like. So everything will be doubled for you, more fish will be seen because there is more light.. These also have two different series of this system available. Just like the Single Light System this Double Light System has a Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series and the Extra Bright 250 Watt Series. Depending on the clarity of the water your dock is at, the 175 Watt Series will project a 10 foot diameter of light where the Extra Bright 250 Watt Series will be 15 feet!

Triple Light Systems

Our second largest dock lighting system is our Triple Light System. These three light systems are sure to amaze. With three bulbs, you will have three times the amount of light so more fish can be seen.

Quad Light Systems

Of course as you may have guessed, our Quad Light Systems come with four bulbs. With four bulbs you’re guaranteed to ignite your waterway and have it full of fish. Also, with these four bulbs on four individual wires, you will have the ability to customize your bulb placement to illuminate any area that you’d like to.


Underwater Fish Light provides a warranty with all of these dock lighting systems. For more information on the different colors available in our Extra Bright Series, click here. If you didn’t know, we also have a 60-night money-back guarantee, so if your loved one would like to return or exchange their gift, they are able to do so for 60 days! This goes the same for all of our dock lighting systems that we’ve covered above. To learn more about us and our products, visit our website now!

Do you have a dock and are currently searching for ways to catch more fish at your dock? If you haven’t found the most frequent answer yet, the best way to catch more fish at your dock is to get underwater fish lights! These are a purchase that you will not regret and have many purposes including catching more fish. These lights create a great night out for you and your family while at the same time is a safety precaution for you when you’re out on the dock at night.

Underwater Fish Lights

Fish lights are the best purchase you can make when you want to catch more fish at your dock. If you don’t know how these properly work, let’s go over how you can use them and what purpose they serve. Here at Underwater Fish Light, we like to say that they create a backyard aquarium. It’s very simple how these lights work actually. The bulbs reflect off of tiny particles in the water that bring in tons of baitfish. Larger predator fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish are attracted to the new food source that is full of baitfish. No matter where you are located, these lights will definitely attract fish. Each different location has the potential to bring in different species of marine life. Our systems simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway, which means you’ll be catching more fish at your dock.

Fish The Shadows

You may not notice it but the bigger fish known as game fish, will lurk in the dark shadows just beyond the reach of the light that shines from the fish light. The bigger fish do this so they can see everything and choose the right time to chase their dinner. So instead of casting your line right into the light, it’s smart to cast out into the shadows where you’ll have a better chance at a bigger catch.

Be Patient

Being patient is something that can’t be stressed enough. The best things always take time. Fishing is something that you always have to be patient for. You need to wait for the natural process to finish where the baitfish come and then the game fish will. You may never actually see the game fish since they love lurking in the shadows. It’s important to know it may be a while before the bigger fish build up confidence to start nibbling on your bait or lure!


Now that you know some of the most important tips to catching more fish at your dock, it’s time to actually put them to use. Underwater Fish Light has many color options and lights that are also portable. We can guarantee you’ll see fish. These lights will step up your fishing game and like we said will create a great night out if you’re just trying to enjoy the show that the fish and marine life put on in the lights!

How do you choose the best fish light? There are lots of factors that need to be thought about when planning to purchase your very own fish light. But before I share those reasons with you, I’d like to say this: fish lights are a game changer for anyone who likes to fish so, it’s important that you read this. It’s very simple how fish lights work if you were wondering. Fish light bulbs reflect off small particles and microorganisms in the water to bring baitfish. Then, the larger predators fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish are attracted to the new food source that is full of baitfish. No matter where you are located, these will will 100% attract fish for you. Each different location has the potential to bring in different species of marine life. So let’s get to the factors that need to be considered when purchasing one – or many!

Proven Performance

Would you rather buy a product from a company that has been in business for one year, or for over ten years? Everyone always goes with the company that has the most experience and best reviews. It’s vital you do your research and make sure a business is legit and has a proven performance. This means stalk their social media platforms, go through their reviews, find out how long they’ve been in business. Here at Underwater Fish Light, we’ve been in business for over a decade. We started as a local, word-of-mouth business, and have grown into an international company. We have sold our systems from Hawaii to Qatar and have thousands of happy customers across the globe!


Nowadays, most companies around the world offer warranties on the products that they offer and sell. But some don’t. When shopping for the best possible fish light for you, you should make it necessary that the company you go with offers a warranty. This is just a safety precaution in case you purchase a light and it breaks or you simply don’t enjoy it! Underwater Fish Light proudly offers a 60-Night Money Back Guarantee. This allows our customers to try the product in their waterway for a total of 60 nights from the delivery date. Also, every central control hub, including our 12v-LED system, comes standard with a 3-year warranty from the system’s original purchase date for any manufacture   defects.

Research Companies

Experience is key when it comes to a successful company. You’ll want to research a ton of companies and make sure you are purchasing your fish light from the best of the best. Researching a business’s website and manufacturer details is also a key factor when making this decision. Lots of companies don’t even manufacture their lights on their own which means whoever you buy from, most likely isn’t who manufactures your light or even in the country you live in. All of our light systems are made at the Underwater Fish Light manufacturing facility in Port Charlotte, Florida, United States. We pride ourselves on providing excellent, high-quality products that are made in the USA!


Now that you know the importance of the factors that need to be considered when buying a fish light, or any product from any company, it’s key that you actually use these to your advantage!



With fall season around the corner, you may be wondering what the perfect accessories are for your dock. It seems to be you’re in the right place! There are tons of products that would be the perfect addition to your dock and ways that you can get it ready just in time for fall season that’s upon us. Let’s talk about some of the smartest things you can add to your dock to ensure you and your family have the best times during fall.

Outdoor seating

One of the best products you could ever add to your dock is seating for your family and friends. Investing in a good set of chairs or benches can make your dock a gathering setting. A memory you can’t beat is sitting on your dock with family and friends watching the sun go down! A good thing about outdoor seating for you dock is that you have so many options to choose from. You could have the most extravagant comfy chairs with cupholders and what not or just the most simple chairs and both would be used to its full potential.

Fish Lights

Fish Lights go hand in hand with outdoor seating. Just imagine sitting in your nice chairs and watching the show that the marine life is putting on for you because of the fish lights you added to your dock! Not only are these lights a show for you but, this is a tool to help you fish as well as serve as a safety precaution lighting up your dock so you and your guests can see where they are. going. These submersible lights are also amazing because they won’t attract extra insects to bother you! Fish lights turn on every day at the same exact time letting you and the fish know when the best time is to be out on the dock.


A swim ladder is a product that every dock should have. Ladders serve a huge purpose and that’s to get in and out of the water safely and easily. Even if you’re out on the dock and don’t plan on swimming, a swimming ladder is much needed in case if anyone of anything were to ever fall in and needs to get back onto the dock easily. There are lots to choose from and it’s best to do your research and make sure to go with the perfect one for your dock!


All three of the products we talked about above are necessities for you and your family especially with fall being super close. Now is the perfect time to add these to your dock and create the best space on your dock for your family and friends to enjoy some fall nights! All of these are also a way to keep everyone safe as well as have a good time. Visit Underwater Fish Light’s website to check out fish light options and tons more of perfect accessories for your dock!

Why go night fishing? Night fishing is a perfect way to avoid the heat during the day and to see lots of species that aren’t commonly seen during the day. At night it’s very common to see lots more wildlife and species because they are scared of humans. And as you might guess, you do need to prepare for night fishing so that you can enjoy your night and be safe at the same time. Now let’s talk about all of the right things that are needed for an amazing time on the water while night fishing. There are tons of accessories and such that can help you have a great time and catch lots of game fish!

While there are lots of useful products that you can benefit from while night fishing, here are the most helpful ones for you to have a great night out on the water!

Fish Lights

Fish Lights are a super important variable to night fishing. Whether it’s a portable led light that you use on your boat, or one that stays put on your dock, they are very helpful when wanting to have a successful time night fishing. There is a 12v LED Fish Light that you can take with you wherever you go even if it’s a dock, pier, and boat! There are also portable HID Fish Lights that have the HID power of a dock light but are fitted with a portable construction that allows you to take the good times anywhere you want to go! You can find both of these products from Underwater Fish Light. The dock lights have one advantage that will help with night fishing. When you have a Fish Light that turns on at the same exact time everyday, in the same place, game fish will get on a routine of going there normally to be able to find bait fish to eat and gives you the perfect opportunity to have a great catch!

Head Lamp

Head lamps are a practical and useful way for you to have a good time night fishing. These give you the ability to have both hands free to focus on fishing. These lamps strap onto your head and let you perform easily while you are baiting hooks,  catching fish, and picking the perfect lure!


No one likes losing fish. The perfect essential for you to not lose fish, is to always keep a net handy on your boat or dock. It is much easier have a net with you and potentially catch a lot more fish than losing ones when you get excited that you got a good catch!

Tackle Box

If you’re fishing off a pier, boat, dock, wherever you might be, it’s smart to always bring a tackle box with you. Being prepared is always the best option you have and if you see a certain bait fish gathering around your fish light, you’re going to want to choose a lure that’s the same to trick those game fish. In your tackle box you should keep extra fishing line, multiple hooks, and tools such as pliers and knives!

Have you been pondering and thinking of ways you can improve your dock at night? Well, you’re in the right spot! There are many variables and choices you can go through when it comes to accessories and such but, let’s talk about the ones that are accessories for your dock and very practical at the same time.

Fish Lights

Fish lights will not only enhance your dock, but they enhance a natural food source for bait fish by reflecting off particles in the water and these particles are what your bait will eat! Fish lights serve as a way to catch lots of game fish but the beautiful colors can also create a perfect night for your family and friends. We like to say the lights create a backyard aquarium.


DokLites are the world’s most functional dock lighting system available. Its technology has multiple patents and brings a new era in lighting for docks, decks, and waterway obstructions. With a solar power design, all DokLites are maintenance free, and eliminate the need for any further electrical work on your dock. DokLites serve the conventional purposes of piling cap, whether it be to guard against birds or rain. They also use Mil-Spec micro-processor circuitry to create a comfortable, ambient light on your dock. Each has a UV and impact resistant housing. DokLites and the LEDS within them will last and be protected for years. With these lighting up your dock, this keeps you safe and can be used as a pathway of where to walk as well as showing boaters where a dock is.


A livewell is a very smart thing to have on your dock. This tank keeps fresh water pumping into it keeping your baitfish as well as your game fish alive and fresh. This tank is used to transport your baitfish and the fish you catch safely and easily. These usually come with a pump when you purchase them, allowing your bait to live much longer than it ever has before! Check out our very own livewell on our Underwater Fish Light website!


All three of the above products are the perfect addition to any dock to enhance it at night. DokLites, Fish lights, and livewells are all great products that serve different purposes. It’s good to do your research and make sure you are getting the perfect thing for you, or just get them all!

What are Snook Lights? Well, snook lights are another word or saying for Fish Lights! These “Fish Lights” or “Snook Lights” are a fishing tool which uses the lights attached to submerge under water and attract both bait fish and members of their food chain so people that love fishing can get the game fish they want like snook, tarpon, and redfish! The cool thing about these lights is that they will attract fish no matter where you set them up. People have even seen different species of marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins, and manatees. When you have a Snook Light, you’ll be guaranteed a great night and amazing fishing opportunities. The lights simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway. Now, let’s dig deeper into how these Snook Lights work.

Snook Lights are so simple that literally anyone can use them. Any light under the water, no matter the color, will attract fish. That’s exactly what happens when insects see light! When submerged, our Snook Lights basically start a food chain, without you having to do any work except drop your light in the water wherever you want to fish. These simple lights can be dropped into the water from your dock or boat, it’s up to you. Small microscopic animals called zooplankton are usually the first to show up when they see reflections in the water caused by the lights, which then attracts small bait fish like minnows that come and feed on the zooplankton. Then, the bait fish see their perfect opportunity to eat some bait fish and don’t even notice the hook in the water because they’re so focused on catching the bait. That gives you the perfect situation of catching multiple game fish.

These Snook Lights also come in not one, but three colors. The four color choices they come in are Natural Green, Extra Bright, Vibrant Green, and Caribbean Blue! The Caribbean Blue lights will only work in crystal clear water and looks so amazing. If you have murky water, it’s best to stick with the Extra Bright Series. If you keep these Snook Lights on your dock turned on every nigh, fish will know to keep coming back to your lights because that means they will get fed with the bait fish. Underwater Fish Light has Snook Lights that can automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and turn off every morning at dawn.

If you’re still uncertain on what color you want to go with or how many Snook Lights you want to get, that’s okay! It’s always great to do your research and go with the best option possible. Remember, these lights not only up your fishing game but can create good memories for your family and keep you safe on your dock by lighting it up. For more information on how these lights work or more product options, check out Underwater Fish Light’s website! With any questions, you can contact us through our website or simply call us at 855-347-4544.

Have you been contemplating whether or not you need a dock light? One thing I want to stress here is that dock lights have more than one purpose of just attracting fish, let me tell you the importance of them. Meanwhile, let this be your sign to go ahead and get one or even several!

Illuminates Your Dock

Okay let’s get down to business. Yes, dock lights attract fish but, they do way more than just that. These lights illuminate your dock at night to be more visible to nighttime boaters. Did you know there are thousands of marine accidents per year involving unlit structures? Knowing the information should be a very clear reason why you need to get a dock light as soon as possible so that your dock doesn’t become something a boater doesn’t see while you’re fishing on it at night. These lights can also direct travelers at night, or even during the day when weather conditions are bad and they’re trying to get to safety.

Dock Lights Equal A Safer Environment

Dock lights make your dock a safer place at night. With the proper dock lighting, you will be more aware of where you are and where your dock starts and ends, keeping not only you but also your family safer from falling off the edge. That is a big deal, especially if you have little kids or animals that you like taking fishing on the dock at night. These easy lights will help you prevent anything from happening on your dock as you or other people try to maneuver in the dark. Illuminating your dock also will help create a walkway towards land and where you need to get to after a great night of fishing and creating memories.

Makes Your Dock More Enjoyable

Now is time for the fun part. Dock lights make your dock tons more enjoyable! Even if you don’t care about the safety reasons that I just listed for you, dock lights are a great aesthetic and have more benefits than just keeping you safe. Dock lights create a fun and interesting environment for you and your family. These lights attract fish and many varieties of sea creatures that will entertain your kids and create a great night if you’re fishing or even just enjoying the view that the night and dock lights are giving you. These lights work in fresh and saltwater. People have seen everything attracted to these lights from baitfish, zoo plankton, sea turtles, and even dolphins! Your dock will be the perfect destination that will have everyone wanting to go and join you!

Have you been wondering what you can do to improve your night fishing game? Underwater Fish Lights is your answer! No I’m not talking about lights to help you see at night, but specialty lights that draw fish close to wherever your set up is whether that be your boat or dock. Let that sink in for just a minute, and after, I’ll tell you why they’re so crucial if you want to have successful fishing nights and experiences.

Submersible So You Can Stay Out Longer

Everyone knows how bad the insects get at night, especially when they are attracted to a light that is near you. Luckily, fish lights are submersible meaning they aren’t on the surface of the water, they’re under the water! With the light being under water and not attracting tons of bugs, you can stay out longer. That allows you to bring in lots more fish without being bothered and making you leave earlier than you wanted to. Underwater fish lights make night fishing really pleasant for everyone involved. To transform your dock into the best spot to fish at night, visit us at underwaterfishlight.com and check out all of our options!

Game Fish At Night

Let’s cut to the chase, game fish get so excited to see bait fish swimming around, of course caused by your fish light, and get too distracted to notice a hook in the water. Your underwater fish light creates the perfect plan to get the fish you want to go home with at the end of the night and your light attracting bait fish means you will not be waiting long to get that amazing catch!

Fishing Lights Are Used For Your Convenience

Let me give you a bit of an idea of how convenient fish lights are for you. No matter where you are setting up whether that be out on your boat, dock, or a pier somewhere, fish lights are convenient. They can be dropped down into the water wherever you think is the best spot for the night. Staying out longer brings in more fish so it’s great to have anything convenient and easy on your side. Fishing directly in the light that it creates and positioning it where you want is really nice, just remember to be patient!