Can I Upgrade My Underwater Fish Light?

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Many customers who purchase a new Underwater Fish Light, love it so much they either want to add more lights to their system, or get a more powerful bulb. There are a few options available for everyone who wants to upgrade their system.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply add more bulbs to your current control box for your fish light. Each light assembly (bulb and wire) requires its own ballast (transformer) inside the box to be powered. Therefore, if you currently have a single light dock system, you will not be able to run two bulbs, because there is only one ballast inside the control box. To add more lights, you have three options; return the system and exchange it, add bulbs by purchasing each part individually, or purchase a new system to add to your dock. If you would like to add more lights to your system and you are within our sixty-day moneyback guarantee, all you need to do is simply send the system back to us and we can exchange it for you. You will just need to pay the difference for the larger system. You can also opt to purchase every part individually to basically build your system into a larger one. To do this, you will not only need to purchase another light assembly and ballast, but also a larger control box and any other necessary parts to complete the system. This is the most expensive option, but will still work. The next option is to simply buy a new system to add. Even though you will need another outlet to plug the light into, it will still be cheaper than modifying your current system part by part.

We have many customers that have purchased our Natural Green light many years ago and now wish to upgrade to the Vibrant Green bulb. Unfortunately, we cannot simple attached the new bulb to their system. The Natural Green lights are 175-watt bulbs. These bulbs are powered by 175-watt ballasts, or transformers, inside the control box. The Vibrant Green lights are 250-watt bulbs and are powered by 250-watt ballasts inside the control box. Unfortunately, the 175-watt Natural Green ballasts are not powerful enough to light the 250-watt bulbs.

For those customers that wish to upgrade, they would have to purchase an all new Vibrant Green system to reap the benefits of the brighter light. Underwater Fish Light does give customers a sixty-night money-back guarantee. So, any customer that is within the sixty-night period is welcome to return their Natural Green system and exchange it for the brighter Vibrant Green system.

If you have any questions regarding your system, please do not hesitate to call us at our manufacturing facility at 855-FISH-LIGHT

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