Caribbean Blue Underwater Dock Lights

These are specialty lights for customers that live in areas with clear waters, like those found in tropical regions and the Florida Keys. They also work great in some freshwater lakes!

Try one risk-free at your own home for 60 nights!

We designed these lights for customers that want the unique relaxing aesthetic that comes from the cool blue glow that these lights create. They are suitable for anyone living on a clear waterway, but especially customers in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

Color choice is really a matter of personal preference, but if you like the looks of the Caribbean Blue system and your water is suffiently clear, we know you’ll love them.

If you want the brightest most effective system, you can also consider our Vibrant Green line of underwater lights, which also look great in the same areas, but are also better at cutting through murkier waters.

Caribbean Blue Single Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Beautiful – Energy Efficient – Affordable

The Single Bulb System is the most affordable and energy efficient way to illuminate your waterway.



Caribbean Blue Double Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Two Lights in The Water with One Plug

This system puts two of our HID lights in the water with the convenience of a single control box and plug.



Caribbean Blue Triple Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Three Lights in the Water with One Plug

Three underwater lights running from the same control box and plug at a great price.



Caribbean Blue Quad Bulb Underwater Dock Lights

Four Lights in the Water with One Plug

The ultimate in underwater lighting with four lights running on the same control box.



Caribbean Blue Fishing Lights in the Florida Keys!

This great customer video shows the results after just a few hours!

Caribbean Blue Fishing Lights in Texas!

We love this video of this little girl checking out the fish around a Caribbean Blue light in Texas.

Available Underwater Dock Light Colors

Natural Green

The Original

Our original and most popular design looks great in almost any waterway and attracts fish like crazy!

Vibrant Green

50% Brighter with a Deeper Green Glow

Featuring 50% brighter lights and a more consistent deep green glow, this is the option for customers that want to outshine the neighbors.

Caribbean Blue

Beautiful Blue Lights for Clear Waters

These are specialty lights best used in clear waters like those found in the Florida Keys or other tropical locations. Great for clear fresh waters too!

Need Help Choosing Your Color?

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