Choosing The Perfect Color and Brightness for Your Underwater Dock Lights

What’s The Difference?

The Extra Bright Natural Green, Extra Bright Vibrant Green, and Caribbean Blue underwater lights feature a newer technology, that is 50% brighter than our standard systems. 

While the glow from the Classic Natural Green and Extra Bright Natural Green is produced by the light hitting microscopic particles suspended in the water, the Vibrant Green lights produce their own rich green color. Additionally, the color produced by the Vibrant Green lights is more consistent across waterways and conditions.

Which One Should I Choose?

If your main purpose is attracting fish, the standard lights will work beautifully for you. The Vibrant Series lights are brand new, so the vast majority of the photos and videos you have seen on our web site are of the standard lights. The Natural Green systems are surprisingly bright and will illuminate a lot of water. In most waterways, the lights will appear a nice green color but in extremely clear waterways this effect is diminished.

The Vibrant Green & Caribbean Series of lights were designed for customers that are looking for a different aesthetic in the water. If you want the brightest lights on the block and a deep rich glow, these may be right for you.

Any of our lights will look great, and are guaranteed to attract fish. We back them all with our unbeatable 60-Night Risk Free Trial, so you can try either one in your waterway for two full months, and if you’re not 100% thrilled, return them for a full refund.


Advantages of the Natural Green Lights

These are the lights that we built our reputation on. They are energy efficient, rated for 4-5 years of nightly use, and do an outstanding job attracting fish. These are our most affordable HID option, and will be the best choice for the vast majority of customers out there.

Check out our Videos/Photos page to see tons of evidence of just how effective and amazing these lights are. Our Natural Green systems are brighter than the majority of other lights on the market and are only surpassed in brightness by our new Vibrant Green Series.


Advantages of the Vibrant Green Series Lights

These lights are built for customers that want the brightest possible lights and appreciate the brilliant color produced by this newer HID technology. Some customers want their lights for primarily aesthetic purposes, so we designed these lights to look as beautiful in the water as possible.

As the seasons change, the particle content of some waterways will vary and our Natural Green underwater lights may appear to shift between different shades of green over the months as conditions change. The Vibrant Green lights will put out a brighter, more consistent color regardless of water conditions, ideal for anyone who has water that is VERY murky.

If you want the brightest, most beautiful underwater light available, the Vibrant Series lights are a great option for you.


What About The Caribbean Blue Lights?

Our new Caribbean Blue lights lights look beautiful in clear waterways, bathing the entire area in a relaxing, blue glow with a distinct tropical feel. These lights are perfectly suited for tropical waters like the Florida Keys or even clear freshwater lakes and ponds, but will not look good in murky or stained waterways.

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Help! I Still Can’t Decide.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have so please feel free to use the Contact Us link to send us a message or give us a call at 1-855-FISH-LIGHT.

As a final piece of advice, if you’re in doubt, the Natural Green systems are probably going to work great for you. We have thousands of happy customers across the country and around the world using our classic systems.

Many customers are happy with our Natural Green lights, but if you believe your water is murky and dark, you may want to purchase our Vibrant Green lights. The new Vibrant Green Series lights will look beautiful in any waterway, and emits a really bright green light in the water that attracts fish like crazy!

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