Portable Light Systems

The Portable 12v LED System is meant to be used TEMPORARILY. You are welcome to use the system anywhere there is water, but it must be taken our after each use. 

If you were to use the LED system at your dock and leave it in the water for an extended period of time, aquatic growth would accumulate on the light, which would eventually break the system. LEDs, in general, do not product any type of heat to inhibit aquatic growth. That is why we do not use LED lights for our dock systems. We only use HID bulbs for our dock systems. 

If you are looking for a light to keep at your dock indefinitely, your only option is to go with the HID Underwater Fish Light Dock Systems!

The first obvious benefit is being able to take the amazing brightness with you anywhere you want to go! With an inverter, you would be able to use our amazing HID systems anywhere there is water! Whether it’s on the boat, your favorite pier, or anywhere else, you will still see am amazing amount of fish! These systems use the same technology as our HID dock systems.

As a company based in Florida, we are very familiar with season residents. Many of our seasonal customs are only at their tropical waterfront home a few months out of the year. Because of this, they wanted a light that was easy to take in and out of the water quickly without much hassle. Our portable systems give those customers a simple way to install their lights when they arrive, and uninstall it when it’s time for them to return to their other homes.