Frequently Asked Questions

Because our systems are so different from what most people are used to seeing, we repeatedly get a lot of the same questions.

In an attempt to answer our most common inquires we have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help educate people about this revolutionary product. If your question is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, as we love to talk about these systems and the experiences that we and our customers have had with them.

1. How can you guarantee that these systems will attract fish?

We make this guarantee because fish really do find these systems irresistible. We guarantee that our systems will attract fish in any natural body of water. Even waterways that appear devoid of life during the day like backwater canals and freshwater swamps are actually teeming with life. Our systems not only illuminate them, but also draw them in from nearby areas.

While you must have realistic expectations (tarpon probably won’t show up in a golf course pond in Indiana), you will still be amazed at what is swimming in your own backyard! Read our How It Works section to learn more. If you aren’t impressed with both the system & the fish you see, return the system for a full refund of the purchase price.

2. Why are your prices lower than other systems I’ve looked at?

We are able to keep our prices low because we are both the manufacturer and distributor.

Don’t be fooled by the low prices, as our systems are equal or superior in quality to any system on the market today. We use only the highest quality UL approved components available, and guarantee your satisfaction on all products.

3. How much electricity do these systems use?

Our systems are incredibly energy efficient, drawing just over 2 amps. While energy costs vary across the country, you can generally expect energy costs of under $4 per month to operate each bulb.

4. Are the bulbs green or do they have green covers?

Actually… neither! Even though they produce that distinct green glow, the bulbs themselves are actually crystal clear. Many of our competitors are selling a covered bulb with a green filter on it. This is totally different.

The green color created by our light comes from a combination of the excited gases within the HID bulb, and the plankton, particulates, and microorganisms in the water. As a general rule, the murkier the water, the more accentuated the green effect.

It is this unique combination of light and life that makes our lights so effective when it comes to attracting fish.

5. How bright are the lights?

These lights are incredibly bright underwater, but only emit a soft glow on waterside objects. This means you get all the fish attracting power, while still being able to please the pickiest of neighbors or home-owner’s association’s. This is due to the fact that the High Intensity Discharge bulbs are placed below the surface of the water. Instead of the glare reflecting off the top surface as in conventional above water systems, the light is reflected from underneath, back into the water. This has the added benefit of creating a mirror effect from below, essentially blinding the fish to your presence.

6. What are the benefits of the Double Bulb/Triple/Quad Bulb System?

Besides putting out up to four times the light and coverage, the multi-bulb systems are really in a league of it’s own when it comes to putting the marine life on display.

The multiple light sources give both bait fish and predators dual points of attraction which often leads to more action as the fish travel back and forth from light to light in search of prey. Many predator fish will “hang” or suspend in the light of a single bulb system. A Double Bulb System in the same waterway will often lead to more movement and more action and reveal fish that would have otherwise been hidden from view in the dark shadow surrounding the light.

Some customers ask whether they should buy 2 Single Bulb Systems or 1 Double. The advantage of the Double Bulb System here is that it requires only 1 GFCI outlet, and runs on 1 photocell, so that both lights power on at the same time. With two separate control boxes, there will be a difference due to different light levels in different placements.

7. How much water does the light cover?

The main determining factor in coverage is depth of bulb placement. The deeper the bulb sits below the surface, the more area of the water will be illuminated. One way to picture the light is in the shape of an ice cream which gets bigger around the taller it becomes.

At 2-3’ below the water’s surface you can expect a minimum of 10’ diameter of coverage, with average coverage being between 15’-25’. In especially deep clear water, you may get a glow circle of 30+ feet!

8. Where can I use these systems?

We engineered the system to withstand the rugged marine environment, but they work amazingly well in freshwater applications. Anywhere the depth is sufficient to cover the bulb at low tide is a potential location for underwater lighting. Boat traffic must be taken into account in shallow water applications. Click here for info on using our lights in Fresh Water!

Ideal locations include canals, marinas, seawalls, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, & rivers. Extremely high current areas may require additional weighting, but any environmentally friendly material is suitable. NOT FOR USE IN SWIMMING POOLS.

9. What is the best depth and distance to place the lights?

This is really a matter of customer preference. As long as common sense is taken into account, you can personalize your system to match the effects you are looking to accentuate. As long as the bulb is protected from boat traffic and remains submerged during the lowest tides, it’s up to you.

Placing the bulb close to your dock will draw the marine life in close for a great view of the action. Sinking the bulb down deep or out away from your dock or seawall will add to the mystery of our systems as most people have no idea how these lights operate.

Some of our customers are more interested in lighting up their boats, docks, and property. In that case, our 50’ marine rated cords make it easy to find the perfect location that creates the lighting effect you are looking for without having to re-mount the control box. Extended cords are also available.

10. What happens if I break the bulb?

This doesn’t happen very often, but the question comes up all the time. While some companies offer kits that feature replaceable bulbs, that configuration is inherently less reliable. We get calls all of the time from people looking to replace the competition’s leaky housings with our Fully Sealed Marine Housings. Our unique process bonds the bulb directly to the housing, creating the strongest possible seal.

It is our position that when mixing electricity and water, safety and durability take priority over saving a few bucks on a bulb that you probably won’t have to replace for 4 years anyway.

If something should happen to your bulb, we can ship a Fully Sealed Housing/Bulb/Wiring Kit. Only our kits are built with our Unique 360⁰ Bonding Process. The cost of these replacement kits is just a fraction of the cost of a new system and less than a quarter of the price of some competitors kits.

11. How long do the bulbs last?

The bulbs are rated to last 25,000 hours or 4-5 years of nightly use.

12. How easy are they to install?

Each installation is unique, but one customer described it as “Screw the box to a post, set the bulb in the water, and plug it in.” While it’s slightly more involved than that, we offer step by step instructions as well as Phone Support. An average customer can definitely expect installation to take less than 1 hour. A professional should be able to install it in half that time.

13. Can I use your Replacement Kits with a competitors control box?

Give us a call and we will get the specs of your current system and help you determine if our Replacement Kits are compatible. or visit our Components Page.

14. Are the systems covered under warranty?

We build the highest quality lights available anywhere and stand behind them 100%. All of our systems include our 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you have any trouble with your system, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

15. Do I need to clean the bulbs?

No, our systems are entirely maintenance free. The system is completely automatic and the heat produced by the bulb each night actually burns off any marine life, algae, barnacles, or other sludge that might accumulate during the day. It is for this reason that we recommend that the system be allowed to run every night, or removed if that is not practical (snowbird situations). Our units feature the exposed bulb, to maximize this heat cleaning effect, unlike some covered bulb units which will require regular cleaning. Plus, we coat our housings with a special mixture that is proven to inhibit barnacle accumulation.

16. What do you mean “completely automatic”?

All of our dock light systems come with a built in photocell that senses the amount of daylight and automatically powers the system once dusk is detected. Then, when the sun rises in the morning, the rays of light hit the photocell and the system automatically powers down.

17. Do you have a light that I can use on my boat or fishing pier?

Yes, we are proud to announce that our much anticipated Portable Model is ready, and available for purchase. This light utilizes the same incredible HID technology as our best selling dock lights.

18. Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally, but we will need to research the shipping costs and regulations for your location first. If you are interested in having a system shipped outside of the Continental US, please fill out our International Shipping Form first.

19. Do you sell to other distributors?

We do license other distributors to sell our products, but on an approval only basis. If you are interested in reselling our systems, please Contact Us directly for more information, options, and pricing.

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