Get Your Light Free of Charge!

Send in Your Photos, Videos & Testimonials and you could be selected to receive your choice of a full refund or an additional light!

As you’ve probably noticed, we love posting photos and videos sent in by our customers. We really appreciate when you take the time to send them in.

Obviously, with the volume of media we receive from our customers, we can’t give refunds to everyone, but we do want to help encourage you to send in your photos and videos, as well as show our gratitude.

It’s for that reason that we’ve initiated this program so that you have a chance to get your light system free of charge.

How The Program Works

Just send in your photos and videos to and we’ll select the best submission to receive their choice of a refund on their system, or an additional system free of charge.

We will select winners as often as possible based on your submissions. If you order a Single Bulb Dock Light, 12v LED Fishing Light, or Portable HID Fishing Light and your submission is selected, we’ll refund your purchase price or send you another one. If you order a ‘Double Bulb System, we’ll refund that, or send you a Double!

Any photos, videos etc.. that are sent in will become the property of and we’ll post them to various places on our site.

Tips to Help Your Submission Stand Out

As we said, we really appreciate all the customers that send in photos and videos to us. However, some of these submissions really stand out above the rest.

Whether you are taking photos or video of fish, or waterfront scenes, the higher the resolution the submission, the better your chances. That means be sure to set your camera to the highest possible quality. If you snap some quick photos with your phone, we would still love to see them, but we are limited in the ways that we can use low resolution images.

Another thing that can really help is keeping the camera steady. Because you will be shooting a bright light on a dark background, any movement of the camera will create a blurred image. A tripod can really help, but if you don’t have one, just resting the camera or your arm on a piling, boat hull or other steady surface can make a world of difference.

Be creative! We would also love to see your funny shots, or artwork. Do you have a waterproof GoPro camera or other underwater photo or video equipment? We bet you could get some really cool shots if the water was clear.

Because our lights work so well, we have a ton of photos of fish around the lights, and we definitely welcome more. However, we would love more photos of you, the customer next to your light, or holding up a fish that you’ve caught. Pictures of families and kids are also great! Don’t forget about the possibility of shooting your dock and home from the water. These make some of the most beautiful images.

One More Tip

We’re expecting lots of great submissions, so there is one more thing you can do to help yours stand out in the crowd.

We recently rolled out a Feedback Line that will allow you to call in and record a brief message on our automated system. Having this testimonial from you to go with your image will really personalize it and could make the difference. If you’re a little shy about recording your voice you can also Submit a Text Testimonial with your photos.

Good Luck!

Again, we can’t send a refund or light to everyone that submits a photo or video, but it doesn’t mean that we’re ungrateful. We really appreciate your taking the time to share!