Green Light Fishing Tips

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Fishing at night is very popular among avid anglers and professional fishermen, as most of them actually prefer to fish at night and the promise of a rich catch is much bigger. Then, there’s the fact that people work all day, so they need a bit of relaxation to get their much-needed peace of mind. While you’re at it, why not catch a fish worth bragging about?

Well, just like humans, most fish don’t see very well in the dark. That’s where green fishing lights can help. Fish need to rely on electric signals, vibrations, and smell to see in the dark and find food.

If you give them another source of light like saltwater fishing lights, you greatly increase your chances of attracting and catching plenty of fish. Here are a few tips on how to use your night fishing light setup to get the catch of the day:

Use the Light to Attract the Fish

To make the best use of your fishing light, you need to perfectly anchor your boat. It needs to be completely silent and stationary, as moving and swinging will do more damage than good. You can head out on a boat, but you can also fish off a beach. As long as you have your night fishing light setup, you’re sure to catch a few fish.

Adjust Your Night Fishing Light Setup

Make sure that you can adjust your night fishing light setup to an area where fish can easily approach. Knowing the areas where fish come to feed will do the trick. Make sure that your perfect spot has enough adequate reefs, logs, and other fish hiding spots.

Proper Depth is Mandatory

Setting your fishing light at a proper depth is mandatory if you want to fish with success. The water needs to be deep enough for the best effect. You don’t want to set the light too deep or too shallow, and you also need to set the light so that you can easily make adjustments to high and low tides if you’re fishing in the ocean.

The More the Merrier

Two lights are always better than one. If you choose to fish with multiple lights, you’ll increase your chances of going home with a big catch.

So, if you have that chance, use two underwater green fishing lights and make sure that you pay attention to the proper spacing between the lights. The distance should be around 3-4 feet to get the perfect light radius and lure in prize catches.

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