The Fish & Your Satisfaction Are Guaranteed with Underwater Fishing Lights!

Underwater Fish Light is proud to offer a 60-Night Money Back Guarantee. This allows customers to try the product in their waterway for a total of 60 nights from the delivery date. Therefore, if for whatever reason customers do not have full satisfaction, they have the option of returning the system for a full refund of the purchase price.

Disclaimer: Customer must return systems in functional, non-damaged condition to qualify for the 60-night guarantee. Components with damage by the buyer through improper handling will be pro-rated. The above offer is to provide a trial period in which customers can see the amazing effect these lights produce, and see their fish attracting ability first hand. This guarantee applies to the product and its effectiveness. We can guarantee that we are making a quality product, and that it will attract fish. However, we cannot guarantee the environment or your personal situation.

Underwater Fishing Light Guarantee Details

The warranty covers the unit for 3 years from the systems original purchase date for any manufacture defects. For warranty coverage, the original purchaser must provide the original receipt. Customers with defective parts will receive a replacement free of charge. Bulb replacements will be put on your current usable wire. Also, if your wire is not usable, it is the buyer’s responsibility to purchase a new light assembly. Also, parts do not carry their own 3-year warranty. If a customer purchases a part, the warranty for that part will still end 3 years after the purchase date of the original dock light. Due to the agreement, the purchaser will/must make arrangements to ship/transport the unit to our facility. Hence, this does not cover bulb breakage or any damage to the unit by boat, prop, fishing hooks, etc. This warranty is void if the unit shows signs of tampering and misuse.