High Quality Dock Lighting

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Dock Lighting

Have you been searching for a new accessory for your dock? Dock lights, also known as fish lights, are the perfect addition to any dock. It adds safety and serves as a tool to catch the best game fish. Dock lighting illuminates your dock creating a safer environment for you and every boater out on the water. Dock lights attract many fish and marine life and calls for a great night out for you and your family! There are many dock lighting systems. Here at Underwater Fish Light, we have four different types of dock lighting systems to choose from. We offer a Single Light System, Double Light System, Triple Light System, and a Quad Light System. Let’s go over each system so you can make the best decision depending on your wants and needs!

Single Light Systems

Single Light Systems are ideal for any dock owner searching to add a nice accent to their dock. Even though this system only has one light, it is still guaranteed to attract fish. These systems attract fish by reflecting off microorganisms in the water. These reflections attract baitfish, which in turn attract predator fish like snook, tarpon, redfish, and many more! We have two different series of systems available. Our Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series and our Extra Bright 250 Watt Series. If you have murky water, the best bet for you would be the Extra Bright Series. Our Extra Bright Series sports three different colors; Vibrant Green, Extra Bright, and Caribbean Blue!

Double Light Systems

Our Double Light Systems are exactly the same as our Single Light Systems, but with one difference. This system has two bulbs each on their own individual wire so they can be placed wherever you like. So everything will be doubled for you, more fish will be seen because there is more light.. These also have two different series of this system available. Just like the Single Light System this Double Light System has a Classic Natural Green 175 Watt Series and the Extra Bright 250 Watt Series. Depending on the clarity of the water your dock is at, the 175 Watt Series will project a 10 foot diameter of light where the Extra Bright 250 Watt Series will be 15 feet!

Triple Light Systems

Our second largest dock lighting system is our Triple Light System. These three light systems are sure to amaze. With three bulbs, you will have three times the amount of light so more fish can be seen.

Quad Light Systems

Of course as you may have guessed, our Quad Light Systems come with four bulbs. With four bulbs you’re guaranteed to ignite your waterway and have it full of fish. Also, with these four bulbs on four individual wires, you will have the ability to customize your bulb placement to illuminate any area that you’d like to.


Underwater Fish Light provides a warranty with all of these dock lighting systems. For more information on the different colors available in our Extra Bright Series, click here. If you didn’t know, we also have a 60-night money-back guarantee, so if your loved one would like to return or exchange their gift, they are able to do so for 60 days! This goes the same for all of our dock lighting systems that we’ve covered above. To learn more about us and our products, visit our website now!

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