How Snook Lights Work

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What are Snook Lights? Well, snook lights are another word or saying for Fish Lights! These “Fish Lights” or “Snook Lights” are a fishing tool which uses the lights attached to submerge under water and attract both bait fish and members of their food chain so people that love fishing can get the game fish they want like snook, tarpon, and redfish! The cool thing about these lights is that they will attract fish no matter where you set them up. People have even seen different species of marine life such as sea turtles, dolphins, and manatees. When you have a Snook Light, you’ll be guaranteed a great night and amazing fishing opportunities. The lights simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway. Now, let’s dig deeper into how these Snook Lights work.

Snook Lights are so simple that literally anyone can use them. Any light under the water, no matter the color, will attract fish. That’s exactly what happens when insects see light! When submerged, our Snook Lights basically start a food chain, without you having to do any work except drop your light in the water wherever you want to fish. These simple lights can be dropped into the water from your dock or boat, it’s up to you. Small microscopic animals called zooplankton are usually the first to show up when they see reflections in the water caused by the lights, which then attracts small bait fish like minnows that come and feed on the zooplankton. Then, the bait fish see their perfect opportunity to eat some bait fish and don’t even notice the hook in the water because they’re so focused on catching the bait. That gives you the perfect situation of catching multiple game fish.

These Snook Lights also come in not one, but three colors. The four color choices they come in are Natural Green, Extra Bright, Vibrant Green, and Caribbean Blue! The Caribbean Blue lights will only work in crystal clear water and looks so amazing. If you have murky water, it’s best to stick with the Extra Bright Series. If you keep these Snook Lights on your dock turned on every nigh, fish will know to keep coming back to your lights because that means they will get fed with the bait fish. Underwater Fish Light has Snook Lights that can automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and turn off every morning at dawn.

If you’re still uncertain on what color you want to go with or how many Snook Lights you want to get, that’s okay! It’s always great to do your research and go with the best option possible. Remember, these lights not only up your fishing game but can create good memories for your family and keep you safe on your dock by lighting it up. For more information on how these lights work or more product options, check out Underwater Fish Light’s website! With any questions, you can contact us through our website or simply call us at 855-347-4544.

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