Are LED Lights the best Type to use when Fishing from a Boat?

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It has long been contended that the best summertime fishing occurs between dusk and dawn.  However, if you’re going to be fishing at night, lighting is essential, especially if you’re out in a boat.  Without a doubt, lights are a night fisherman’s best friend, but not just lights for seeing what you’re doing.  The right kind of lights will bring the fish in closer to your boat.  While there are a variety of lights that can be used, LED lights have become increasingly popular over the past 5 years or so.

What makes LED Lights the best choice for Boat Fishing?

Whether you’re in a fishing boat on a freshwater lake or you’re fishing in the ocean, here are 5 features and benefits make LED lighting the better choice for your vessel:

  • Durability – this is probably the most significant benefit. LED lighting is ideal for marine environments where they are oftentimes exposed to the elements and rough conditions.  Furthermore, they are resistant to heavy impacts, shock, and vibrations.
  • Efficiency – traditional lighting converts only 20% of its power source into usable light while the other 80% is lost in the form of heat. Conversely, 80% of electrical energy is converted to light with LED lighting.  As a result, LED lights don’t get as hot as your traditional lighting yet they run longer.
  • Instant output – unlike other types of lighting, LED lights power up to maximum brightness immediately. Plus, you never have to worry about compromising their life expectancy, even if you are turning them on and off frequently.
  • Longevity – LED lighting saves you time and money. High-quality boat lights have a life expectancy of up to 40,000 hours or more.  That equates to a continual light output of roughly 4½ years.
  • Power drain – you’ll draw considerably less power from your boat batteries when using LED lights compared to other types of lighting. In turn, this will enable you to spend more time on the water and save your batteries in the process.

Additionally, green lighting is best to use whether you’re on a freshwater lake or fishing in saltwater.  As far as penetrating the water goes, it’s the best choice by far.  Plus, it’s ideal for use in murky waters where visibility is poor because it tends to make the water appear clearer in most cases.  You can also use white lights, but it dissipates quicker the farther away it gets from its source.

In conclusion, LED lighting can be installed on any type of vessel.  While green or white colored lighting works best, you can also use blue LED lights.  However, many research studies have shown that night boat fishing with blue LED light is only effective when you’re fishing in saltwater.

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