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Classic Natural Green Single Light System

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Single Bulb Underwater Dock Light

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Classic Natural Green Single Dock Lights

Our Classic Series of dock lights has one featured color! The Classic Natural Green System’s 175 watt bulb illuminates and reflects off your waterway’s natural coloring. This reflection will create a beautiful light green color, that is guaranteed to attract fish! The Classic Series of dock lights is what made our company famous. When we started our business over a decade ago, this was the only color we offered. As we have evolved, the reliability and functionality of this great system hasn’t changed! If you’re still not sure about what type series you would like, you can learn more about our different series and colors.

Our Underwater Fish Light brand of dock lights create what we like to call a “Backyard Aquarium”. Our systems simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway, we can guarantee you’ll see fish! All of our dock light systems have photocells that automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and off every morning at dawn. The continued nightly use will create a feeding cycle for the fish, to keep the fish coming back every night!

Above all, we guarantee that you will see fish or your money back! As an American family-owned business, we stand by our product. Therefore, every customer gets a 60-night money-back guarantee along with a three-year manufacturer warranty with their system purchase! Above all, we strive for excellent customer service. So, if you ever have more questions, certainly feel free to give us a call at 855-347-4544

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This Package Includes:
Installation Instruction Sheet
175W HID Light Assembly With Sealed Bulb Housing & Underwater-Rated Wire
GFCI Plug with 10ft Cord
Photo Cell
Control Box
Underwater Weight
Zip Ties

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18 reviews for Classic Natural Green Single Light System

  1. Bought the light in early febuary all I can say is you gotta get one. We have almost broke two lake Norman records with a 5lb 6oz spotted bass and a 2 lb 13oz black crappie. My freezer was completly full of fish within 3 weeks of light being out every night. Now after the spawns, every breed of fish from tiny to large are at our dock. It’s like we’re looking down into an aquarium.

  2. You know these lights are like drugs. Once you have had one you will never want to do without! I love my light. My dad also loves his. My mom says he is out there almost every night fishing around it. He has a small private lake on his property that he stocked with crappie, bass and catfish. He has not had much luck catching the crappie until he got this light but now is able to catch a few every night!

  3. I just want to thank you for building such a nice item !!My light is now over 4 years old and when I look back and think of all the good times and fun that my family and friends have had with the light I know that it was money well spent !!I hope everyone enjoys theirs as much as we do ours !! Thanks

  4. You guys are great. The light works great and I have some nice fat snook hanging around. I already told a buddy about the great service you give. I really appreciate it.

  5. Second night of our Underwater Fish Light and the baitfish have attracted a ton of good size fish around our dock. Your product was super simple to install – took less than 15 minutes. With snook season finally here, it was absolutely one of the best investments I’ve made. We love the green glow under the dock. Thanks so much! Mike Siesta Key, FL

  6. Light has been on every night perfectly for nearly 3 years straight with out a single problem. I would definitely buy these again.

  7. Hi!! I have to say we had a tough start to our fish light ( no fault of your light) because we had to install an outlet at the dock but WOW! Within 1 day we started to see fish. We have snook, alligator gar, catfish, and mullet. We are now 3 weeks in and we now have an aquarium in our backyard. We just counted 12 fish! We love watching the fish and neighbors come over to admire it too! Thank you for all your help with installation. It would have been so smooth if we didn’t have an older home with no outlet. Great customer service! We would highly recommend your product. Thanks again! Amy and Bill M. Cape coral, florida

  8. I am an avid boater and photographer of the inter coastal Gulf waters around Tampa, Fl. The first time I noticed an underwater dock light I was boating by a dock and saw all the sea life action, I was instantly hooked! I see more species of birds and sea creatures in one night from my dock with my Underwater Fish Light then I have ever seen on the water. At dusk it’s addicting to watch the water come alive as you never know what will come swimming along. When friends and family visit we get hours of entertainment watching the different fish and sea life. Children especially love all the action, with them I use nets to capture and observe things like sea slugs, crabs, shrimp and many different fish. What I like best is being able to release our catch back into the water unharmed. My Underwater Fish Light lets me educate and share with others my love of the ocean and it’s creatures. Thank you Underwater Fish Lights!!!

  9. We had to call because we thought the photo sensor wasnt working when tested in the daytime, we just didnt have it covered completely from the sunlight..duh. Since the first night, we have had a HUGE ball of pelchers and mullet swimming around creating our own BIG disco ball in the canal! All the neighbors love it. After years of hearing all the splashing of canal fish, last night, the seventh night since installation, we had three Mullet jump out of the water right in front of us…..right there it was worth the money. What a show, cant wait for the Manatee to start coming!

  10. I purchased a Single Bulb Dock Light on 10-11 and use it at my Weekend home in Ozello,Fl. It has always exceeded my expectations and worked flawless every time. Last weekend I knocked the Electrical control box into the water. I called the shop and the owner John stopped what he was doing and walked me through checking it. We found the problem and it was fixed by the end of phone conversation. If your looking for Dock Lights Do yourself a favor and purchase them from UnderwaterFishLight.com

  11. It’s really bright, easy installation and great fun. Lot’s of fish

  12. Amazing product with great customer service.

  13. We use this light at cedar creek lake and it never disappoints! It’s even good just for entertainment! Everyone loves watching it, there’s 4 on the lake that I know of!

  14. I did some research as anyone does when purchasing a product online. I looked at the cheaper options and kept coming back to this one. I was willing to pay the extra for a quality product that I wouldn’t need to replace every year. I went ahead with the purchase and couldn’t be more pleased. I installed the unit myself. It took a very short amount of time, ‘plug and play’ one might say. I floated out on my kayak and dropped the bulb and it’s weight where I saw fit (in between our stationary dock and floating dock). The light came on automatically as promised just as the sun dropped down. The amount of light produced is perfect, looks great under the water. The following night I went out to check on the light. To my surprise I saw four snook, a snapper, and a couple of sheepshead. The later remained the following day even after the light had turned off. The third night I went back out and counted eight snook. Every single night since then (about 5 months now) there have not been less than eight snook whenever I go to check. The most I have every counted (this past week) was 28 snook. That is not a typo, I had a buddy verify and he counted the same. (They don’t move too fast so it’s not all that difficult to get a good head count). All in all I am extremely pleased with the product, effortless to install and use and brings life to our dock and canal that was never there before. Five stars all around.

  15. My significant other and I have 4 little kiddos and we live on the end of a canal with shallow water. The kids ages range from twin 4 year olds, to a 7 year old and we top off with my fantastic fisherman of age 13. All 4 kiddos love to play outside and fish. The kids fished relentlessly and would only catch an occasional catfish. I did not know if the waterway was too shallow or if we would ever have any opportunity to catch any fish right off the dock. My eldest had been begging for a fish light to put underwater as he heard that would help them to attract and catch fish. I had earmarked your page with your fish light months before we ordered it and told them we had to save some $$$’s to get the best light on the market. I told them the best light was not at all like the cheap ones that my eldest found online. I promised them we would order the best light, once they helped save up and order one and WOW are we glad we waited. Within a day or two of putting our light out the fish started to entertain us. Swarms of them from time to time circling everywhere and indeed we have had the most amazing nights of fishing ever since we got this this awesome underwater light. It is so funny we go out kayak fishing all the time but never do we catch what we catch right behind out house! We actually joke sometimes saying we have had such fantastic redfish dinners that we have eaten enough to cover the cost of the light. Now it is time to save for the next one! So if you are on the fence and wondering is it worth it? Take if from my family… YES… underwaterfishlight.com is worth every penny that you will spend. Oh, I forgot to mention the staff is great too. We needed some assistance installing and the gentleman we talked to walked us through installing and he was very patient with us.

  16. Just had mine installed today and there are a ton of fish tonight! Love it! Derrick was supper friendly and great! Best gift I ever gave my husband!

  17. We recently moved to Cape Coral Florida and wanted to install an underwater light at our dock that is on a saltwater canal. I did quite a lot of research before deciding to buy a single bulb light from underwaterfishlight.com. It was really easy to install and built very well. The first night after installing the light we saw a few minnows and a couple of catfish. By the third night, there was a small school of minnows, many catfish and several tarpon. Now about a month later, we get hundreds of minnows and schools of catfish, tarpon and snook feeding on the minnows. We love to just sit at the dock and watch the fish. It’s like having your own personal underwater aquarium. I have also caught two tarpon on dead shrimp while they are in a sort of feeding frenzy. We love the light and would highly recommend it to anyone considering underwater lights. Thank you underfishlight.com!

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Absolutely love our fish light. Nothing like fishing at midnight. We have our doubts for a while because we had no fish. Because of the water problems which staff was aware is why we didn’t have fish. Staff very knowledgeable. Highly recommend

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