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Classic Natural Green Quad Light System


4 HID Underwater Lights Running on The Same Control Box!

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This Package Includes:
Installation Instruction Sheet
4 175W HID Light Assemblies With Sealed Bulb Housing & Underwater-Rated Wire
GFCI Plug with 10ft Cord
Photo Cell
Control Box
4 Underwater Weights
Zip Ties

Additional information

Wire Length 1

50 FT WIRE, 100 FT WIRE, 150 FT WIRE

Wire Length 2

50 FT WIRE, 100 FT WIRE, 150 FT WIRE

Wire Length 3

50 FT WIRE, 100 FT WIRE, 150 FT WIRE

Wire Length 4

100 FT WIRE, 150 FT WIRE, 50 FT WIRE

2 reviews for Classic Natural Green Quad Light System

  1. The lights are working great! Caught and released these nice snook last night off the backyard seawall on a Yo-Zuri minnow. There have been at least 20 fish at the lights every night.

  2. These are my second system I purchased from UnderwaterFishLight.com. I had my other system for a year which was a double bulb system; which just after the very first 3 nights I was more than happy with plenty of fish in my lights. I now upgraded to my 4 bulb system. I have seen anything from a 3-4 inch fish swim through to a 3-4 foot fish swim by. Anything can happen, these lights make you look forward spending any night over the lights at the end of the pier awaiting that huge fish that most think isn’t there lurking in the shadows. Trust me they are there! For a backyard aquarium that you didn’t realize you had & a fish-frenzy I would highly recommend these lights. What an awesome experience, best fish lights on the market and a must have. I want to thank under water fish lights for guaranteeing fish at the end of my dock, my fishing line and for standing behind this amazing product.

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