Classic Natural Green Triple Light System


Three Bulb Underwater Dock Light System

  • 50ft
  • 100ft
  • 150ft
  • 50ft
  • 100ft
  • 150ft
  • 50ft
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Classic Natural Green Triple Dock Lights

Our Classic Series of dock lights has one featured color! The Classic Natural Green System’s 175 watt bulb illuminates and reflects off your waterway’s natural coloring. This reflection will create a beautiful light green color, that is guaranteed to attract fish! The Classic Series of dock lights is what made our company famous. When we started our business over a decade ago, this was the only color we offered. As we have evolved, the reliability and functionality of this great system hasn’t changed! If you’re still not sure about what type series you would like, you can learn more about our different series and colors.

Our Underwater Fish Light brand of dock lights create what we like to call a “Backyard Aquarium”. Our systems simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway, we can guarantee you’ll see fish! All of our dock light systems have photocells that automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and off every morning at dawn. The continued nightly use will create a feeding cycle for the fish, to keep the fish coming back every night!

Above all, we guarantee that you will see fish or your money back! As an American family-owned business, we stand by our product. Therefore, every customer gets a 60-night money-back guarantee along with a three-year manufacturer warranty with their system purchase! Above all, we strive for excellent customer service. So, if you ever have more questions, certainly feel free to give us a call at 855-347-4544

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This Package Includes:
Installation Instruction Sheet
3 175W HID Light Assemblies With Sealed Bulb Housing & Underwater-Rated Wire
GFCI Plug with 10ft Cord
Photo Cell
Control Box
3 Underwater Weights
Zip Ties


Additional information

Weight N/A
Wire One Length

50ft, 100ft, 150ft

Wire Two Length

50ft, 100ft, 150ft

Wire Three Length

50ft, 100ft, 150ft

5 reviews for Classic Natural Green Triple Light System

  1. Lee H.

    I installed the unit this past weekend and it was awesome… it is amazing how much activity we saw

  2. Matt

    This triple light system is easy as website says to install and brings in fish. Two of my neighbors have since bought the same system our canal is the brightest in AMI. One suggestion remember you have 3 lights so I recomend getting one standard cord and getting two 100′ cords. Overall I recommend this product, it’s what they claim and easy to install. Happy fisherman in AMI ( Matt )

  3. Bob M.

    My son asked for these lights for his 13th birthday and with 13 being such a major milestone in our family, I happily obliged. He is thrilled with them (and me too!) We are at the end of a deep water canal leading out to the indian river and ponce inlet with 80 ft. of sea wall. We have lit up a virtual playground for all kinds of wildlife! We have seen huge increases of fish come down our way and he has caught trout, red fish, snook, triple tail, mangrove snapper, blue fish,founder, jack crewel and an occasional sail cat. Before installing the Underwater Fishlights, our end of the canal was fairly dark and we would catch only a few fish at night mostly of the undesirable kind. These lights have attracted so much fish that it is just fun to sit there and watch the underwater show any night we choose! Plus Dad is happy too cause it has also provided a very cool landscape lighting effect I am sure the neighbors appreciate more than another above dock snook light beaming them in the eyes. It really has upgraded the look and feel of our entire dock and boar lift area. Very fun stuff!

  4. Timm W.

    Wonderful system. Installed myself and I’m no master mechanic. Excellent customer service and the folks at Underwater Fishlight are very patience in answering all your questions. Top notch outfit in my view.

  5. Shane C.

    I live in Sarasota, Florida. A year ago I purchased Underwater Fish Light’s Classic Natural Green Triple Bulb Dock Light package. Since then there hasn’t been a night we haven’t had fish. The lights are regularly filled with Snook and Spotted Seatrout, but we have also seen hardhead catfish, gafftopsail catfish, spade fish, mackerel, mullet, ladyfish, shrimp, crab, greenbacks and several other kinds of baitfish.

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