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Protective Bulb Cage for Underwater Lights

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Metal Protective Cage for 175w Underwater Lighting Systems



Note Concerning Protective Cages in Saltwater Applications:
As a rule, the best configuration for semi-permanent applications is our standard uncovered bulb. This gives the best light output and makes the most of the self cleaning capability of the system.
This is especially true in saltwater, as any cover over an underwater bulb will encourage aquatic growth accumulation.
The cage is not necessary in most dock light applications, but is available for customers that are concerned with the bulb contacting rocks or other solid objects in rocky areas.
This cage is designed as an added barrier against bulb breakage, but in no way guarantees that the bulb will not be damaged if struck with enough force.
The most important factor in protecting your bulb is keeping it out of the way of boat propellers. With very few exceptions, this is the only cause of broken bulbs.
Depending on the water conditions, you may have to monitor the cage for growth/barnacles etc… and clean as needed.
This is why our standard unit does not include a cage, but some customers still prefer it.

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