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Wire Shield – Protective Sleeve for Underwater Wire


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Please note that the base price is for a 15 foot length of wire shield. Longer lengths can be selected from the drop down menu.

Protect Your Wire in Heavily Fished Waterways

Slips Easily Over Your Underwater Wire to Protect Against Fish Hooks or Hazardous Sea Floor Conditions Such as Oyster Beds

While our systems are built tough to withstand even the harshest marine conditions, there are some heavily fished waterways in the country that have a problem with inconsiderate anglers hooking into the wires of underwater lights.

This heavy duty protective sleeve is made right here in the USA and available in lengths from 5-50 ft and easily slips over your wire to protect it in heavily fished areas or waterways with sharp rocks or debris on the sea floor.
Customers may wish to purchase a short section to protect the wire near the bulb, or select a longer length for additional coverage.   For those looking to protect their entire length of wire, we have heavily discounted our 50 ft sections.
Installation Note: For 99% of all
installations, the light assembly should be positioned within 1 to 3 inches
above the weight.
   Keeping the light as low as possible in the water column not only keeps
it safe from boat propellers but also gives the best results in most waterways.  Cutting  a short piece of this tubing to cover the area between the light assembly and and weight will offer extra protection against anglers hooking into the wire.


Lengths of this protective sleeve can be cut down to fit your exact needs, or combined for extended wire length systems.
Orders including wire shields will receive ties to secure the sleeve to your wire. One tie per foot orders will be included.



Please call 941-391-5846 or email info@underwaterfishlight.com if you have any questions regarding our Wire Shield or installation.

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