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We have the perfect underwater light for you! Choose from our great selection of Underwater Dock Lights and Portable Fishing Lights to light up any waterway & attract fish.

Underwater Dock Lights

These underwater dock lights are perfect for waterfront properties and are designed to be left in place, coming on automatically at night, and turning off again in the morning.

Single Bulb Dock Lights

Our entry level system provides everything you need to light up your waterway & attract fish!

Double Bulb Dock Lights

Double the action with two of our HID lights running on the same control box!

Triple Bulb Dock Lights

Power three of our underwater dock lights with the same control box, and a single plug.

Quad Bulb Dock Lights

Incredible value on 4 of our underwater dock lights with the same control box, and a single plug.

Caribbean Blue Dock Lights

Specialty blue dock lights for use in clear waters like the Florida Keys or clear fresh waterways.

Portable LED Fishing Lights

Our portable systems allow you to take the fish attracting power of our lights to your favorite fishing spot, whether that is a secret spot on the high seas, or your local fishing pier We started with the brightest LED lights on the market and have created the world’s finest 12v LED Fishing Lights!

Multi-Purpose Lights

These systems are great for customers that want the capability of a dock light with a photocell, but would also like to be able to easily transport the light to new locations or use it from a boat. These are also ideal for vacation homes where the light will not be in the water full time.


Check out our great line of accessory items that will help you get the most out of your underwater lighting system.


Inverter for Portable HID Lights

Use this top quality 1000w power inverter to run our HID lights with a 12v battery!


Upgraded Timer / Photocell

All of our dock lights come standard with a dusk to dawn photocell, but this upgraded version allows control of when the lights run.


Wire Shield – Protective Sleeve

This option is for customers who live on high traffic waterways to protect their underwater wire against being hooked by careless anglers.



Looking to replace a competitor’s leaky housing or other inferior parts. We may be able to help!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Just a note to say WOW, do I love this light. It works GREAT, better than I ever thought it would. We love just sitting on the dock watching them swim around the green glow of the underwater light. This light attracts so many snook as well as bait fish. We are amazed to see 15 to 20 snook at a time. As you can see by the pics… IT WORKS!

Thanks so much… ” L.V. Cape Coral, FL

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