The Best Accessories For Dock Lights

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Get The Most Out Of Your Dock Lights

So you just bought your new fish light, and you’re so excited to see what it’s going to bring to your dock. All of us here at Underwater Fish Light know exactly how you feel. We’ve had the excitement of setting up the light and waiting for night to fall. Now that you’re enjoying your light, you can’t help but wonder “what else can I get for my dock?” We also had that same problem. Because of this, we created and added things to our product line that will enhance you experience with our Dock Lights and make your time spent on your dock more enjoyable.

Mounting Plaque

The Mounting Plaques are a great addition to your new dock lights. The plaque will ensure the control box will stay securely in place, even in some of the roughest weather. Some of the control boxes for our larger systems are much wider than the pilings themselves, so a mounting plaque would be almost essential to ensure the longevity of your system.

Timer Photocell

The timer photocell is a great way to create a schedule for the operation of your dock lights. If you would like your light to turn off at a specific time during the night, just set the dial to your desired time. This type of customization comes in handy for those not wanting the light to run all night, or to shut it off before the other nighttime fishermen start trolling the canals.

Solar Piling Caps

DokLites serve the conventional purposes of piling cap, whether it be to guard against birds or rain. They also use Mil-Spec micro-processor circuitry to create a comfortable, ambient light on your dock. Each has a UV and impact resistant housing. DokLites, and the LEDS within them, will last and be protected for years.

Boat Lift Lights

Guide Post Light

Every set of GuideLites is manufactured in the USA. From the patent-pending polymers used in the plastic, to the custom designed solar panels. We build our GuideLite boat lift light to last. GuideLites fit snug into the 2 inch PVC pipe that comes with most boat lifts. The GuideLites can be seen from long distances, but not be blinding while up close.

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