Triple Bulb Underwater Dock Light Systems

Amazing Three Bulb System – 3 Lights – 1 Control Box – 1 Plug

Semi-Permanent Submersible Dock Lights
All Of Our Systems Include Our Solid Three-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The long-awaited Triple Bulb Dock Light System gives you all the benefits of three High Intensity Discharge Bulbs, with all of the convenience of a single plug, control box, and photocell.

Beyond even our Double Bulb System, this package allows you to use the three 50’ or 100’ or 150’ cords to position your lights in an almost infinite array of positions. Take advantage of the built-in savings over purchasing multiple systems.

Like all of our lights, this system includes our “barnacle busting” technology. In addition to our self-cleaning HID bulbs, the special coating that we apply to the housing is proven to keep barnacles and other aquatic life from attaching. This gives you a truly maintenance free system that will provide you with years of nightly enjoyment.

These Lights are Available in Three Awesome Configurations

Now you have the choice between our Natural Green series, Vibrant Green series that is 50% more light and illuminates the water with a richer, deeper green coloration, or our Caribbean Blue system that creates a unique relaxing aesthetic that comes from the cool blue glow.

How to Choose – Natural Green Vibrant, or Caribbean Blue Lights (click here)

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Classic Natural Green Triple Bulb Dock Light

These are the lights that we built our reputation on. They are energy efficient, rated for 4-5 years of nightly use, and do an outstanding job attracting fish. These are our most affordable HID option, and will be the best choice for the vast majority of customers out there.



Vibrant Green Extra Bright Triple Bulb Dock Light

These lights are built for customers that want the brightest possible lights and appreciate the brilliant color produced by this newer HID technology. Since this is such a bright light, those with murky waters will fare much better with this option.



Caribbean Blue Extra Bright Triple Bulb Dock Light

Our new Caribbean Blue lights lights look beautiful in clear waterways, bathing the entire area in a relaxing, blue glow with a distinct tropical feel. These lights are perfectly suited for tropical waters like the Florida Keys or even clear freshwater lakes and ponds, but will not look good in murky or stained waterways.



Special Notice Regarding Triple Bulb Systems & 150 ft. Wires
The standard checkout process will only allow you to select from 50 ft or 100 ft underwater wire, available to all systems. If you require 150 ft cords, these are available for Natural Green 175 watt systems, and we are happy to accommodate you. Please Contact Us directly to place a custom order for 150 ft cords.

Completely Automatic – Self-Cleaning – Fresh or Saltwater Ready!
Installation is Easy! – Just Mount The Box, Sink The Bulb, & Plug It In!

Due to the high value of this item, an adult signature will be required for UPS delivery.

This Package Includes:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • 3 Marine Underwater Cords
  • 3 HID Bulbs & Housings
  • 1 Photo Cell
  • 1 9′ Plu-in Cord
  • 1 Control Box
  • GFCI Fitter Plug
  • 3 Underwater Weights
  • 3 Weight Fastening Straps
  • 3 Sealed Housings

Due to continuing improvements or changes by component manufacturers, products may vary slightly (color, minor cosmetic differences, stickers etc…) from photos found on the site, but functionality remains unchanged. See product descriptions for full details.

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