Can I use the Caribbean Blue Series?

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Our Caribbean Blue Lights are very unique and eye-catching. They create a different ambiance than the usual green Underwater Fish Lights, and definitely stand out of the crowd. Many people are interested in these lights over the green lights, but they have several questions. They want to know if the blue will attract the same amount of fish, how the blue will work in their waterway, and if the blue is as bright as the green lights.

The biggest thing to consider before purchasing the Caribbean Blue lights is the water clarity at your dock. For these lights to show the ideal color, the water needs to be crystal clear. If the Caribbean Blue bulb is placed in murky water, it will actually illuminate an amber/yellow color. If your water is murky, there is obviously more dirt and sediment that is in the water. These actually change the color of the light, because the blue light reflects off these particles, creating more of an amber glow rather than the blue most people are expecting. That is why any possible customers must have clear water in order to enjoy the color as intended.

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