Can I add more bulbs to my fish light?

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Many people want more lights after they purchase their first. Whether it is to create a better ambiance, or to just bring in more fish, everyone seems to want more! Unfortunately, getting more lights is not as simple as just connecting a new bulb and cord to your current control box, but fret not! It is still easy to get more lights at your dock!

Each bulb on an Underwater Fish Light is connected to its own portion of underwater rated wire. It also must be powered by its own ballast, or transformer, in the control box that is mounted on the dock. If you have a single light dock system, you cannot add another light bulb to your wire. One ballast is not powerful enough to power two bulbs at full capacity.

If you do have dock system that you would like to add more lights to, you have a couple options. Underwater Fish Light gives every customer a sixty-night money-back guarantee for all systems. If you are within that sixty-day period, you are more than welcome to bring the light back to us, and we will exchange it for a larger system. If you are out of the sixty-day period, you are still able to get more lights on your dock! All you would need to do is purchase another fish light system, just make sure you have another outlet available at your dock!

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