How can I protect my fish light?

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The single most frequent customer tech issue stems from nicks in the wire that leads out to the bulb. These nicks can be caused my multiple things; fish hooks, boat propellers, or marine life. Every high-end fish light comes equipped with a GFCI plug. This gives the light, and your dock, an extra layer of protection in case anything was to happen (nicks in the wire, broken bulb, power surge, etc.). If the wire leading to your bulb is nicked or cut in any way, the GFCI plug will turn the system off. This is to ensure that no electricity is leaking into the water, which obviously, can have terrible results. The GFCI also shuts off to prevent the ballast (or transformer) inside the box from overheating. If the system did not have a GFCI plug to shut it off, it would continue to run with nicks in the wire causing electricity to leak into the water and the ballast to overheat, which in turn will ruin and melt your entire system. By using Wire Shield to protect the wire, the fish hooks or marine life will scrape the Wire Shield and not injure the wire. Wire Shield is a simple product that is easily installed. Essentially, it is a heavy-duty rubber hose that has been sliced down the middle and comes equipped with zip-ties to attach it to your wire. All you need to do is wrap the shield around your wire and zip-tie it closed. This simple step will ensure your wire is protected for years to come!

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