How do you fish at an underwater light?

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Here at Underwater Fish Light, we can guarantee that you will see fish, but being able to catch them is up to you! With just a few simple techniques, you can become a night fishing pro and reel them in all year long! All you need is a good lure or bait, proper casting technique, and some patience.

The main reason these lights work so well is the feeding cycle they produce. The fish come back night after night, because they know they are able to find food at your dock. When you first put in your fish light, you might immediately see fish. At this point, you need to use all the patience you have! Don’t start casting into the light as soon as it has been installed. Let the fish build a relationship with the light so they can become comfortable. For the first few days, you can even through out some shrimp, or any other type of food the fish might light to eat.

The last thing to do before you start casting is to get the right type of lure for your hook. The ideal lure to use in the fish light would be any kind of lure that looks like a small minnow with a moving tail. This will imitate the bait fish that normally circle the light and attract the predator fish.

Once you have everything ready, you are ready to cast! The most important thing to remember when fishing at a fish light is to NOT cast directly into the light. The best way to catch fish is to cast past the light and slowly reel the lure through the light. This will imitate the activity of the baitfish swimming in the light. Usually, you will be able to catch a fish within the first five casts, so use these tools to your advantage and get out there! Remember, we love to see any photos you have of the great fish you have seen or caught at your lights, so feel free to send them into us! Good luck fishing!

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