What happens if my bulb breaks?

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While a bulb can break in a matter of seconds, sadly the replacement is not as fast. All bulbs from Underwater Fish Light are sealed to the wire they are connected to. Because of this, they cannot be simply screwed in and out. In order to replace your bulb, you will need to ship your wire and broken bulb to the Underwater Fish Light manufacturing facility for repair and replacement.

Replacing the bulb is a multi-step process. First, the old housing for the bulb is cut off from the wire and thrown away. Every housing is permanently sealed to the bulb. Once the glass bulb breaks, the housing is no longer usable, so it must be thrown away. Once the old housing is removed from the wire, the wire must be inspected to ensure it is reusable. If the wire has nick, cuts, or has deteriorated, it will not be reusable. Technicians test the wire by pumping air through it while it is submerged underwater. If there are any nicks or cuts in the wire, air bubbles will rise, which will indicate an unusable portion of wire. Once the wire has been deemed reusable by the technicians, it is ready to get a new bulb!

Before a new bulb is ready to be sealed to the wire, it must first get a new housing. All housings are made by hand. They are also painted by hand with antifouling paint to repel barnacles. Once he housing are built, painted, and ready, they are put together with the bulb and connected to the wire. Now, simply because the bulb is connected to the wire, does not mean that it is sealed. The technicians then take each bulb and seal it by hand. The sealant is a “secret recipe” only Underwater Fish Light uses. This ensures that the bulbs will not leak, no matter how long the sealants are exposed to the elements. After the sealant is applied, the bulb must seal overnight. After it has been tested, it is ready to ship back to you so it can light up your waterway every night!

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