What is included with my three-year warranty?

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Here at Underwater Fish Light, we stand behind our product. That is why every system sold by us, comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any defects that with the system. For example, if your light bulb were to burn out within three years of purchasing your system, we will replace your bulb at no charge. However, this warranty does not cover any damages to the system. So, if your bulb were to break, that would not be covered by the warranty, because it is a damage that was not caused by a defect.

If you have an Underwater Fish Light, and believe you have a part covered under warranty, all you need to do is give us a call. We will request that you send in the component to our shop, for inspection. After inspection, the technicians will determine if the part is defective, or if it is damaged. If it is defective, our technicians will replace the part free of charge and ship it back to you.

If your component is not covered under the manufacturer warranty, you are still welcome to have it repaired. We design, manufacture, and sell these lights, so we are capable of repairing or replacing any component included in these lights. For example, if your GFI plug is not working properly, and the technicians determine it is damaged from water intrusion, it will not be covered by the warranty, but you can simply buy the same part through us and we will send it back out to you.

In order to keep your three-year warranty valid, you must not make any unauthorized changes to the system. Sometimes, customers will hardwire the systems, cut off the standard GFI plug, or bypass the photocell. All of these alterations, and many more, will invalidate the warranty. We have this policy in place, because these alterations actually damage the system. Overtime, these changes cause the light to overheat and damage several components in the system. Any issues caused by these alterations are damages, not manufacturer defects, therefore, they are not covered under the warranty.

Our three-year warranty is to ensure that your light keeps running. We have thousands of customers around the world, and most of them have had their light for at least seven years. By simply protecting your system from day one, your system will last an incredibly long time.

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