Do I need clear water for my fish light?

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This question actually has multiple answers. To answer this question, you must first decide what light series you interested in, and the amount of light you want to see by your dock. Here at Underwater Fish Light, we have three different series; Natural Green, Vibrant Green, and Caribbean Blue. Each series of light is ideal for different types of water clarity and will emit a different amount of light.

For customers interested in purchasing our Classic Natural Green lights, the ideal water clarity is in between crystal clear and mid-clarity water. The bulbs on these systems are 175-watt bulbs that illuminate a clear/white color. This white color then reflects off the particles in the water, showing a green color on the surface. These small particles attract the bait fish in the area, which in turn attract the predator fish (snook, tarpon northern pike, etc.). Because these lights illuminate white, they do not cut through murky water very well. That is why they are ideal for up to mid-clarity water. In ideal water, the Classic Natural Green series will shine a 10-foot circle on the surface of the water.

The Vibrant Green and Natural Green Extra Bright Series of light systems are designed to cut through murky water. The Vibrant Green light systems have 250-watt bulbs which illuminate green, allowing it to cut through murky water and be more successful for customers in rivers, lakes, bayous, and any other location that has dark water. Even though the lights illuminate green, they still reflect off small particles in the water to attract the baitfish and predator fish. This light system will give a 15-foot diameter circle on average in waterways.

The biggest thing to consider before purchasing the Caribbean Blue lights is the water clarity at your dock. For these lights to show the ideal color, the water needs to be crystal clear. If the Caribbean Blue bulb is placed in murky water, it will actually illuminate an amber/yellow color. If your water is murky, there is obviously more dirt and sediment that is in the water. These actually change the color of the light, because the blue light reflects off these particles, creating more of an amber glow rather than the blue most people are expecting. That is why any possible customers must have clear water in order to enjoy the color as intended.

For this question, there is no single answer. It all depends on the light you are interested in. After weighing your options, it all comes down to your personal preference. If you purchase a light that does not meet your expectations, you have 60-days to return the light and upgrade it to one you think will work better. Just give us a call at 855-FISH-LIGHT and we can answer any other questions you might have!

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