A Warranty is Only as Good as The Company That Stands Behind It!

We offer a true three-year warranty covering the entire system from the plug to the bulb. Our systems are built tough enough to deliver years of trouble-free use. No games, or artificial limitations.


Three Year Warranty Details

This unit will be covered for 3 years (to the original purchaser with receipt) from the systems original purchase date for any manufacture defects.  Any defective part(s) will be replaced or repaired FREE of charge.  Bulb replacements will be covered on your current usable wire.  If your wire is not usable (any damage to wire), it is buyer’s responsibility to purchase new light assembly.  Individual parts purchased do not carry their own 3-year warranty. The purchaser will/must make arrangements to ship/transport the unit to the manufacturer. This does not cover bulb breakage or any damage to the unit by boat, prop, fishing hooks, etc… or if the unit has been tampered with or misused in any way.  If the unit/bulb or wires need to be repaired/replaced from DAMAGE NOT COVERED by warranty, the purchaser shall contact the manufacturer (941-391-5846) and request a price quote for the repair.

In the unlikely event of a unit failure, the purchaser agrees to immediately unplug the unit. The unit must then be shipped back to the manufacturer at the purchaser’s expense for inspection. If the unit is found to be defective, a repaired system or new unit will be shipped to the purchaser at the manufacturer’s expense. If the unit has been found to be tampered with or misused in any way, and the unit/bulb or wire(s) needs to be repaired/replaced from damage not covered by warranty, the purchaser shall contact the manufacturer (941-391-5846) and request a price quote for the repair.


Safety Disclaimer – Please Read Carefully

Warning: If for any reason your system should cease to function, unplug the unit immediately as a safety precaution and then call 941-391-5846.
Do not press the reset button.

We take every precaution to ensure that we are offering a safe and reliable product. Our lights include safety fuses, a built in GFI plug, and are required to be plugged into a GFCI outlet at all times. Even with these safety features in place, we must insist that people do not swim around these lights while they are plugged in. This is true of any 110v underwater lighting system. While the lights are designed and tested to shut down if there is any interruption of the power supply, the possible risk of shock/injury/death is too great to take a chance. Please unplug the system(s) before entering the water.

The manufacturer/designer/seller of this product is not responsible for any injury/ death/damage to property caused the by the use of this product. Take any and all safety precautions when using this product. This system must be plugged into a UL Approved GFCI outlet. The purchaser agrees to the above by purchasing this system. If you do not agree to these terms, please call us to promptly return your system for a full refund.


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