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Did You Buy from One of Our Competitors and Run Into Trouble? Everybody Makes Mistakes!

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We get calls all the time from people that have bought lights from less than reputable companies and are fed up with the inferior replacement components offered by their original manufacturer. Even worse, many people report companies screening calls, and not being able to reach them for support or warranty issues!

Give us a call at 941-391-5846 and we’ll do our best to help. Often times, you can replace a competitor’s leak-prone fixtures with one of our fully sealed replacement light assemblies. Our friendly and helpful staff will determine whether or not your system is compatible.

Of course, in the unlikely event that you are having trouble with one our systems, please contact our Tech Support Department immediately, day or night at 941-391-5846 and we’ll resolve your issue right away. That’s the UnderwaterFishLight.com promise!