What Does HID Mean? Why Should I Care?

A Quick Education in Underwater Lighting Will Help You Make an Informed Decision

What is HID?

The short answer…HID stands for High Intensity Discharge.

The “high intensity” part is why you should care. There are a lot of companies using photos of HID lights to sell inferior halogen, fluorescent or LED lights. There is no doubt that the people who end up falling for this are quite disappointed when they see the light they purchased in the water.

If you want the results you see in our photos and videos, you need one of our lights!

How HID Lights Are Used

HID lighting is all around you if you know where to look. Anytime an engineer needs an efficient and incredibly powerful light source, they turn to HID lights.

HID is so powerful that it is often used in stadium lighting, street lights, high powered projectors, and luxury car headlights. We’ve taken this incredible technology, and used it to create the world’s finest underwater lights.

Our HID Lights

We have taken years testing every variation, and after massive trial & error and lots of R&D money invested, we have put together the ultimate HID underwater lighting series.

The lights that we use are the highest quality available anywhere. The particular configuration is by far the most effective at attracting marine life, while it also just happens to be the most pleasing to the human eye as well.

There are other underwater lighting companies out there that utilize HID, but no one else offers the particular configuration that we do. Many other lights on the market produce an inferior spectrum that is sometimes passed through a green filter to make them look like our lights.

When put side-by-side in the water, the difference is obvious. With our lights, the natural output spectrum is actually clear, and it is the microscopic plant and animal life in the water, being illuminated that creates the green effect. With a 2nd rate system, you either have a less effective, dull yellow color or the light is being passed through a green colored cover, which is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing from above.

Not to mention the fact that our configuration is so effective that we can actually guarantee fish in any natural body of water or your money back.

(without going broke in the process)

On top of that, we have selected the most durable components available from any supplier. The lights are rated for 24,000 hours. If you run the lights for an average of 12 hours per night, your electric bill will only rise by $2-$4 per month, and your light will be shining bright for 4-5 years.

Another great feature of HID lights is that they do not burn out the way a standard light bulb does. When the light reaches the end of it’s rated life-span it will begin to gradually dim it’s output, rather than simply not lighting up anymore. This means that after your bulb has “burned out”, it will still be many times brighter than a non-HID light was when it was new!

Automatic Self-Cleaning – Really!

Anything that spends a fair amount of time underwater will eventually accumulate aquatic growth, whether algae, barnacle, or other clinging organisms.

For this reason, choosing anything other than HID lights for long term use underwater is foolish. Our lights produce just enough heat that they are inhospitable for the creatures to attach to, and therefor keep themselves clear with regular operation.

We combine this with a special “barnacle busting” coating on our light assemblies that will keep your lights shining bright for years.

When you put a cover of any kind between the light and the water, as seen on units from other companies you lose this self-cleaning ability.

Technical Operation

HID lights work much differently than most bulbs that you may have experience with. If you look closely at the bulb, you don’t see the traditional filament.

What you have is a arc between two electrodes contained within a fused quartz arc tube which illuminates a gas. These lights take 10-15 minutes to power up to their full potential, but once they are warmed up, the effect is breathtaking.

As underwater lighting professionals, we have explored every option to bring you the absolute best lights that money can buy!

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