Wire Shield Protective Sleeve

Protect Your Underwater Wire in Heavily Fished Waterways

Slips Easily Over Your Underwater Wire to Protect Against Fish Hooks or Hazardous Sea Floor Conditions Such as Oyster Beds

While our systems are built tough to withstand even the harshest marine conditions, there are some heavily fished waterways in the country that have a problem with inconsiderate anglers hooking into the wires of underwater lights.

Most customers will not need to worry about this, even if there is an occasional angler fishing around their lights, but in heavily fished waterways the chances for an incident do increase.

We’re offering this heavy duty protective tubing as a solution for customers that want or need this extra level of protection.

Available in lengths from 15 to 50 feet. Easy to cut to the exact length needed for your particular installation and each order includes ties to secure the sleeve to the wire.

This upgrade takes just seconds to install, as we have pre-sliced this heavy yet flexible tubing, allowing you to fit it around the wire without removing it from the control box and threading it through. You can choose to use it between the weight and light assembly, or back from the weight to the control box depending on your particular situation and the path your wire travels.


Wire Shield Protective Tubing for Underwater Dock Lights

This heavy duty protective sleeve is made right here in the USA and available in lengths from 5-50 ft and easily slips over your wire to protect it in heavily fished areas or waterways with sharp rocks or debris on the sea floor.

Customers may wish to purchase a short section to protect the wire near the bulb, or select a longer length for additional coverage. For those looking to protect their entire length of wire, we have heavily discounted our 50 ft sections.



If you have any questions about using this upgrade feature, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 941-391-5846 or email us at info@fishlight.com

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