5 Best Solar Dock Light Accessories

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Don’t have power running to your dock? No problem! Even without a conventional 110v outlet, you can still light up your dock to make it safer and more enjoyable. Having a lit dock will ensure it is seen at night by any boaters or passersby. It will also help you and your family stay safe while spending time by the water.

1. Solar Piling Cap

Solar Dock Light

Many dock owners know that piling caps are one of the many protective accessories used to further the life of your dock. But unfortunately, many of the piling caps on the market are just simply made plastic. They only last for maybe a year, then you’ll have to go back and buy more. They not only have limited longevity, many of them are not exactly pleasing to look at.

Well, the Solar Piling Cap fixes all those issues. All components of the Solar Piling Cap are made in the USA. They are constructed with premium plastic polymers, ensuring they will last as long as your dock is still standing. Because they are solar powered, they automatically operate from dusk to dawn. They install in less than 5 minutes, and will look beautiful for years. How could you say no to an awesome product like this?

2. Guide Post Light

Parking your boat on your lift at night can be a nerve-racking, and frustrating at times. Whether you’re tired from a long day in the sun, or distracted from all family and friends on the boat with you. Sometimes, we wish we had an air-traffic controller standing on the end of the boat lift to calmly guide us in.

Well, that’s not really as crazy as it sounds. The Guide Post Lights mount onto the PVC posts on your boat lift. Just simply slide these little guys into your guide posts and wait for nightfall! All components of these solar products are also built in the USA and will last for many years to come. These little lights will ensure that your boat is safe and centered every time you bring it in.

3. Dock Blocks

Solar Dock Lighting

These Dock Blocks are a great way to light pathway and edges of your dock. If you like enjoying your time on the dock at night, you know how easy it might be to step right off the edge in the dark. Since they automatically come on from dusk to dawn, you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on before you go down to the dock.

These Dock Blocks come in three different colors, and install in less than 5 minutes. Simply place it in the desired location, and secure it to the dock using 2 screws and drill. All that’s left to do is enjoy your new pathway lighting! No matter how you install them, your dock will look great and be safer for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

4. DokLamp

The DokLamp is designed to fit perfectly on any solid service. Whether it’s a handrail, fence post, or table, the Doklamp will fit perfectly. All DokLamps are manufactured in the USA, from the premium polymers used in the plastic, to the custom designed solar panels.

DokLamps are also wash down quality. Meaning, they can be washed down easily with a hose. This makes them great for things like fish cleaning tables! Rather than outfitting your dock with 110v outlets so you can illuminate tables, you only need to switch these on and wait for sunset.

5. Dock Spots

Similar to the Dock Blocks, Dock Spots are another option for solar pathway lighting on your dock! Rather than a bar, these guys are slightly smaller circles. These guys are also incredibly simple to install. Simply drill a 1 3/8″ hole, and drop the Dock Spots in.

These guys are sturdy and can hold up against getting wet, being stepped on, and enduring the other elemental hazards of saltwater. The Dock Spots come in two colors (blue and white), and will keep you and your family safer while enjoying your dock at night!

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