How To Choose The Best Fish Light

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How do you choose the best fish light? There are lots of factors that need to be thought about when planning to purchase your very own fish light. But before I share those reasons with you, I’d like to say this: fish lights are a game changer for anyone who likes to fish so, it’s important that you read this. It’s very simple how fish lights work if you were wondering. Fish light bulbs reflect off small particles and microorganisms in the water to bring baitfish. Then, the larger predators fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish are attracted to the new food source that is full of baitfish. No matter where you are located, these will will 100% attract fish for you. Each different location has the potential to bring in different species of marine life. So let’s get to the factors that need to be considered when purchasing one – or many!

Proven Performance

Would you rather buy a product from a company that has been in business for one year, or for over ten years? Everyone always goes with the company that has the most experience and best reviews. It’s vital you do your research and make sure a business is legit and has a proven performance. This means stalk their social media platforms, go through their reviews, find out how long they’ve been in business. Here at Underwater Fish Light, we’ve been in business for over a decade. We started as a local, word-of-mouth business, and have grown into an international company. We have sold our systems from Hawaii to Qatar and have thousands of happy customers across the globe!


Nowadays, most companies around the world offer warranties on the products that they offer and sell. But some don’t. When shopping for the best possible fish light for you, you should make it necessary that the company you go with offers a warranty. This is just a safety precaution in case you purchase a light and it breaks or you simply don’t enjoy it! Underwater Fish Light proudly offers a 60-Night Money Back Guarantee. This allows our customers to try the product in their waterway for a total of 60 nights from the delivery date. Also, every central control hub, including our 12v-LED system, comes standard with a 3-year warranty from the system’s original purchase date for any manufacture   defects.

Research Companies

Experience is key when it comes to a successful company. You’ll want to research a ton of companies and make sure you are purchasing your fish light from the best of the best. Researching a business’s website and manufacturer details is also a key factor when making this decision. Lots of companies don’t even manufacture their lights on their own which means whoever you buy from, most likely isn’t who manufactures your light or even in the country you live in. All of our light systems are made at the Underwater Fish Light manufacturing facility in Port Charlotte, Florida, United States. We pride ourselves on providing excellent, high-quality products that are made in the USA!


Now that you know the importance of the factors that need to be considered when buying a fish light, or any product from any company, it’s key that you actually use these to your advantage!



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